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Student Life

02/17/16 11:46pm
Wednesday night, the Penn United Minorities Council hosted a discussion about how the current political candidates are addressing minority issues.
02/17/16 2:38am
One year ago today, Penn released the final report of the Task Force on Student Psychological Health and Welfare.
02/17/16 2:33am
For those students who are still looking for summer opportunities, the University offers a variety of grants and internships in areas ranging from research to community service.
02/17/16 12:54am
A particular concern of is reaching freshman, who are adjusting to the college environment and may be learning how to practice safe sexual habits
02/17/16 12:41am
UA legal services has helped with issues ranging from assault and harassment to landlord problems and traffic violations.
02/17/16 12:35am
Many students look to Greek life as a way to find a family of brothers and/or sisters during their college journey.
02/16/16 1:09am
2014 College grad Cydney Gillon will be a contestant on the upcoming season of Survivor which premiers on February 17. The Georgia native is no stranger to competition, as she has been a professional bodybuilder for over seven years.
02/16/16 12:58am
The Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has undertaken a project to dispel a myth. Sprawling through the right side of the museum for the next 10 months, visitors will be able to step back in time and explore the life and the mystery of mythical ruler King Midas.
02/16/16 12:56am
It might now be quicker for you to find a tutor than to look up your question on Google.
02/16/16 12:55am
Penn Wellness, an initiative that's part health think tank, part umbrella organization, aims to improve the well-being of the student body by uniting student communities and wellness groups to form joint initiatives.
02/16/16 12:54am
Penn's sweetest startup is now selling its desserts in stores and coffeeshops near campus.
02/15/16 1:11pm
Saturday night, Philadelphia officially dropped down to 8 degrees, just 6 degrees shy of the record: 2 degrees Fahrenheit. 
02/15/16 2:18am
This Valentine’s Day weekend, you may have spotted over a thousand high school students swarming Penn’s campus, all dressed in suits.
02/15/16 2:16am
The Philomathean Society is Penn's oldest student group, but some students view it as elitist and exclusionary. 
02/15/16 12:56am
Students have a wide range of initial reactions when they receive singing valentines from the Glee Club but, after a few seconds, "you have to sit there awkwardly and let it happen," College senior Daniel Carsello said.
02/15/16 12:45am
From Feb. 12 to Feb. 14, Penn hosted an all-Ivy conference on mental health, titled "Unmasking the Ivy League".
02/15/16 12:32am
The Jones brothers are using their fitness skills to inspire others through their fitness brand, 3hree Triplets Fitness.
02/14/16 6:00am
In 2010, prior to the implementation of the program, there were 264 unattended thefts reported. This number dropped to 179 in 2015.
02/12/16 3:10am
Caitlyn Jenner is included among a week of events celebrating the LGBTQ community.
02/11/16 1:44am
Check out the love stories of Quakers gone by.