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Student Life

03/24/16 12:52am
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and The Daily Pennsylvanian sponsored Hashtag Activism, a debate centered around the effectiveness of activism through social media.
03/24/16 12:38am
On Wednesday at 10 a.m., SPEC posted the Spring Fling floor pass sale form on its Facebook event page but mistakenly sent out confirmation emails to some students.
03/23/16 1:53am
This Tuesday, H. Jon Benjamin played tracks from his own experimental jazz album on the stage in the Harrison Auditorium at the Penn Museum. The voice actor addressed a full house at the sold-out event.
03/23/16 1:42am
The course, popular among non-majors for counting for two Gen Ed requirements, is becoming more distinct from other earth science courses and more aimed at introducing the field of environmental science.
03/22/16 11:00pm
This spring break, Wharton took students of all schools on a trip to Los Angeles to show them that business opportunities exist far outside the world of Wall Street banks.
03/22/16 1:35am
Penn’s Social Planning and Events Committee announced this year’s ticketing structure for the Spring Fling concert on its Facebook page Sunday.
03/21/16 11:22pm
The University said in November they would add more questions about sexual violence to existing Penn surveys, shortly after the American Association of Universities’ Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault was released.
03/21/16 2:07am
Without an H-1B visa, international students are forced out of their jobs, and occasionally, out of the country. 
03/20/16 10:34pm
Through his designs, Jameel Mohammed seeks to introduce a new definition of beauty into the world of luxury brands, which he described as European-dominated.
03/20/16 10:33pm
Attendees have the opportunity to speak about a range of relevant topics including body image, socioeconomic status and sexual identity. 
03/19/16 3:37pm
Chancelor Bennett, known professionally as "Chance the Rapper," will headline Penn's 2016 Spring Fling, joining opening act Las Vegas-based DJ 3LAU. 
03/19/16 6:00am
Arianna Alexander is carrying out her dream to open her own restaurants.
03/19/16 6:00am
Each year, clubs across Penn scramble to secure as much Student Activities Council funding as possible.
03/17/16 8:08pm
3LAU’S mashups and tracks incorporating electro house, progressive house and dubstep are expected to be a hit with the audience.
03/17/16 2:48am
The UA did not publish annual reports in 2012 and 2013, but since then the UA leadership has committed itself to completing the report every year.
03/17/16 2:25am
Many freshmen argued that the dining plans should not be a requirement, mainly citing pricing, poor food quality and inconvenient dining hall hours.
03/16/16 5:08pm
At 3:49 p.m., College sophomore Nathaniel Rome's attorney John Bravacos announced in an email that he had withdrawn the lawsuit against John Kasich.
03/16/16 2:14am
Trump and Clinton were the big winners on Tuesday's primary day though Kasich stole the New York real estate mogul's thunder by winning Ohio. 
03/16/16 2:11am
Students who take time off between high school and college are less likely to graduate on time, according to a recent Drexel study.
03/16/16 2:05am
Next semester, Penn Global is providing the opportunity to live as a monk for a semester.