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Student Life

10/26/15 12:13am
 Penn Dining contends that the Gourmet Grocer provides a Penn-unique grocery service.
10/25/15 10:00pm
Serena Williams will speak in Irvine Auditorium on Wed., Nov. 4 at 8 pm
10/24/15 11:00am
A name reflects where a group comes from, who they serve and what they stand for.
10/24/15 11:00am
Over the past few years, a number of cities around the country have put restrictions on styrofoam use in food trucks.
10/23/15 2:54pm
The co-founder says it is possible that the members may decide to sit down and endorse another candidate in the future.
10/22/15 11:40pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian quizzed five students on their knowledge of Penn lingo
10/21/15 10:31pm
What makes the difference between a good RA and an all-star one?
10/21/15 7:11pm
It’s Saturday: 5:20 p.m. There are three hours until a party of 60 Penn students is set to arrive at Iztaccihuatl, and John Lewis, the one-man show behind the popular BYO restaurant in South Philadelphia, is giving me an earful.
10/21/15 3:34am
Penn students and alumni share their Peace Corps experiences and perceptions
10/21/15 12:15am
Taking a class full of freshmen when you’re a senior might be a weird experience, but it’s much stranger when you’re an adult and you’re in a class full of undergraduates.
10/21/15 12:13am
This fall, FRES began the transition process on Oct. 8, and all heating systems should be confirmed to be operational by Oct. 21.
10/21/15 12:08am
Clubs such as Penn Persians and the Wharton Middle East North Africa Club may be unknown by some, but others use these clubs to find peers with the same heritage and remain connected to their culture.
10/20/15 2:55am
PEEP is a three-day program created to bring high schoolers from low-income backgrounds or historically underrepresented groups to campus. 
10/20/15 12:13am
Nicolas Garcia, a political science major, is running as a Democrat in central Florida’s District 41.
10/20/15 12:09am
The group hopes to create a concrete space for liberal-minded Jewish and non-Jewish students.
10/20/15 12:03am
Creating legitimate, fully-functioning electric vehicles right here on campus, the Penn Electric Racing club is an opportunity to be involved in an elaborate engineering project that connects design, creativity and cutting edge technology.
10/19/15 11:33pm
Last Wednesday, a group of Penn students sent out an anonymous survey designed to gauge interest in a potential dance program for academic credit at Penn. 
10/19/15 11:30pm
Penn's early decision deadline is under two weeks away.
10/19/15 10:56am
Fun and fundraising went hand in hand at alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s Breast Cancer Awareness Coffeehouse.
10/19/15 12:14am
One of the most common emails that plagues student inboxes reads, “Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”