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Student Life

02/07/16 9:06pm
For the second year in a row the top four Academy Awards nominees have been white actors and actresses, causing many to question why non-whites in film lack recognition.
02/07/16 6:00am
This year, pre-med student "Lo-Lo" Lomax finished runner-up in the annual Alpha Phi Alpha beauty pageant.
02/05/16 12:00pm
IFC members and chapter presidents were afraid that the delay would give a leg up to off-campus organizations.
02/04/16 10:43pm
Winter is certainly in full swing on the calendar, but it doesn’t exactly feel that way when you talk a walk down Locust.
02/04/16 12:51am
Nursing undergraduates are promoting healthy lifestyles in the Philadelphia community with Community Champions.
02/03/16 11:45pm
As hostility between the US and Cuba has declined and travel has become easier over the past few years, students and faculty from all areas of Penn have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit and learn from the country.
02/03/16 3:11am
The Daily Pennsylvanian discussed the challenges of Penn's elite academic culture with four Penn students from various schools and departments.
02/03/16 3:09am
The Iowa caucus frenzy, along with its election results full of surprises and upsets, cruised its way to Penn’s campus Tuesday night.
02/03/16 1:03am
A lot has changed since Newsweek ranked Penn the number-one most “gay-friendly” campus in 2011 for having the most resources for LGBTQ students.
02/02/16 1:33am
"How many sexual partners have you had since being here?" and other inappropriate questions to ask on a college tour.
02/01/16 11:56pm
Once opened, it will function as a home for everything international at Penn.
02/01/16 3:54pm
Many of the conference’s workshops and sessions focused on the challenges of identifying with multiple minority groups as well as the experiences of less well-represented populations.
02/01/16 12:22am
Members of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project's student advisory board hope to connect students to the quality of life research done by the project to foster self-actualization in the student body.
01/31/16 9:57pm
Despite the variety of niche groups on campus, some students discovered a void that needed to be filled: the absence of safe spaces that welcome all women across Penn.
01/29/16 6:00am
“Free two-day shipping” are familiar words for any Amazon Prime user. For Penn students, however, the promise of a speedy delivery often translates into extra days of delay and frustration.
01/29/16 6:00am
The fall activities fair was a huge and festive celebration, with hundreds of organizations lining Locust. But where was the spring activities fair?
01/29/16 12:27am
Did you remember to take your medicine? Thanks to Student Health Services’ new policy, maybe you won’t.
01/28/16 8:47pm
Wharton sophomore Laura Gao recently launched her own company Draw Street Journal which designs and sells laptop decals, many of which are Penn-themed. She spoke with the Daily Pennsylvanian about her inspiration behind the project and owning her own website.
01/28/16 2:04am
When College seniors Sophia Hu and Connor McLaren first stepped onto Locust Walk four years ago, they were the first signing Deaf students to enter Penn in over 15 years.
01/28/16 12:27am
A panel of Penn faculty and students came together to discuss classroom culture on campus and how perceived insensitivities regarding race, religion and sexual orientation have the potential to create uncomfortable learning environments.