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Student Life

04/08/16 2:28am
This weekend’s fifth annual TEDxPenn conference seeks to present 12 speakers from diverse backgrounds at the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and hopes to deliver TED's motto of “Ideas Worth Spreading” to Penn's campus.
04/07/16 3:53am
A recent survey by Chicago-based job search engine CareerBuilder showed that more and more job positions have increased education qualifications required in the past 5 years.
04/07/16 3:45am
A number of RAs and GAs believe that their identities have allowed them to be more sensitive and receptive to certain issues.
04/07/16 3:43am
One of the first assignments under anthropology course “Food and Fire” (ANTH148) is to make your own knife.
04/07/16 3:38am
Film and video groups have always lacked a cohesive acronym of their own — until now.
04/07/16 3:37am
Engineering freshman Andre Wallace has been dedicated to fighting racism since he was in high school.
04/07/16 3:36am
College sophomore Makayla Reynolds was elected as the first black female class president in Penn’s history this past Friday night.
04/07/16 3:34am
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with McKay and Park to discuss what they hope to bring to the 44th UA Session in 2016-17 and what they hope to accomplish by the end of their term.
04/06/16 1:44am
LPS students often have already faced a difficult journey just to get to Penn, but financial aid policies and curriculum constraints often present additional challenges upon arrival.
04/06/16 1:42am
The team is celebrating students’ casual photography skills — from Instagram posts to Spring Break shots — for the third year through its spring contest.
04/06/16 1:39am
At other institutions like Pennsylvania State University, Greek Week is a series of competitive events and games. 
04/06/16 1:37am
The rule was part of the STEM Optional Practical Training program (OPT), and extends the period of time foreign students can stay in the country seven months longer than what was outlined in the last policy, which was passed in 2008.
04/05/16 1:26am
Ultimately, the biggest limiting factor in picking artists is cost.
04/05/16 1:22am
With the attacks in Paris and Brussels still in recent memory, terrorism is on Penn students’ radars as a potential hazard for study abroad programs, especially in Western Europe. But a few students say they don’t see the violence as a threat to their plans.
04/04/16 1:11am
A trans woman of African-American and Hawaiian descent, Mock is a strong advocate for intersectional discourse and is one of the most influential trans women in the media.
04/04/16 1:11am
The finale of Penn Fashion Week, which is celebrating its 10th year, was Saturday’s fashion show.
04/04/16 1:09am
In the midst of recent social discourse regarding discrimination, social activist and transgender lawyer Mia Yamamoto took the stage in Arch auditorium on Thursday night to share her story of triumph.
04/02/16 6:00am
Administrators are most concerned about making sure that their promotion of ‘tobacco-less’ culture does not alienate them from students, but students have had varied reactions to Penn’s ‘philosophical shift’ on tobacco use.
03/31/16 1:22am
The Harvard Law graduate-turned-screenwriter returned to his native Philadelphia on Wednesday to speak at Penn’s Levin Family Dean’s Forum in a discussion entitled, "How Hollywood is Spotlighting Social Change."
03/30/16 7:17pm
In their final debate before voting began, Undergraduate Assembly presidential and vice presidential candidates gathered in the Harrison rooftop lounge to debate ways to improve productivity, reform housing and protect the voices of minority groups.