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Student Life

08/30/16 10:13pm
This fall, the Penn Women’s Center hopes to continue promoting gender equity within a dynamic and changing campus community.
08/29/16 11:22pm
President Gutmann welcomed the Class of 2020 to the University of Pennsylvania on Monday.
08/25/16 11:30am
The changes follow a high-profile sexual assault case involving a former Stanford swimmer. 
08/24/16 12:32am
Looking to make friends, build experience and have a good time? Look no further than Penn's wealth of student groups. 
08/24/16 12:27am
What events to go to, which to skip and how to soak up the best six days of everyone's time at Penn.
08/24/16 12:26am
Opt for classics like Van Pelt or Huntsman Hall or dark horse favorites like Fisher Fine Arts.
08/24/16 12:24am
For Penn students, summer is a time to build resumes, travel the world, take classes or even just relax. But for many, it's also a time to do some good.
08/24/16 12:24am
The Penn College Republicans will make a decision on whether to endorse the party nominee in the fall. 
08/24/16 12:22am
University administrators say the system will keep students safer and save Penn money.
08/24/16 12:20am
Your parents are gone, you’ve moved in, and you’re ready to get started on (arguably) the most important part of college: your social life. Let The Daily Pennsylvanian be your guide. 
08/24/16 12:19am
Thanks to an appearance at a Penn Diplomacy and Policy Center panel, Wharton junior Kayvon Asemani received an opportunity to perform at the United Nations headquarters in New York. 
08/24/16 12:18am
It only makes sense that a culture as unique as Penn's has its own lingo.
08/24/16 12:16am
Students who break sexual violence codes will be barred from receiving academic honors, and the definition of sexual violence and harassment has been expanded. 
08/23/16 9:16pm
For most Penn students, New Student Orientation is the beginning of a yearlong journey into finding their place on campus.
08/14/16 9:59pm
In the wake of Wharton and College undergraduate Arthur Halim’s death, his father Amin Halim remembered his son as a kind-hearted, caring and dedicated individual.
07/20/16 11:40pm
Dining Days are returning to University this summer from July 14th through July 24th, bringing an ever-growing selection of good food deals to the West Philadelphia area.
07/20/16 11:39pm
Wharton doctoral student Alixandra Barasch and her two collaborators, Kristin Diehl and Gal Zauberman, studied the effects of photography on people’s experiences. Through nine different activities, they found that generally taking photos could induce beneficial effects by increasing people’s feelings of engagement and immersion.
07/20/16 11:38pm
Move over, Masala – another Penn a cappella group is hitting the TV screen with perfect pitch.
07/06/16 10:50pm
While Locust Walk definitely feels less crowded during the summer months, the campus is still far from empty. Along with the many students and faculty who remain at Penn working or doing research, there are some students from other schools who are calling the school home for the summer.
07/06/16 10:47pm
As a part of their American History studies, students will experience history and see the show for just $10. The students will attend special matinee performances and engage with the cast members.