10/04/18 1:59am
Annenberg Public Policy Center Director published a new groundbreaking book that takes an in–depth look at Russian 'subterfuge' in the 2016 presidential election.
10/01/18 1:31am
The event, which is a part of the annual National Electric Contractors Association convention, will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  
09/29/18 9:01pm
The event, 'Testimonios: Voices in Solidarity Against State Repression,' was co-sponsored by the Latin American and Latino Studies program and by Wharton Latino.
09/28/18 11:41pm
Many see the appointment of Republican Jeb Bush as complementary to that of Democrat Joe Biden, both of whom are Presidential Professors of Practice at Penn.
09/28/18 1:50am
Berset discussed how Switzerland's model of direct democracy may offer insight to the challenges modern democracy faces in the era of fake news.  
09/26/18 3:54am
Twenty-eight Penn students are taking part in a global fellowship is designed to help student projects that attain one or more of the UN's sustainable development goals.  
09/26/18 3:21am
The event, 'Competing Visions of the Global Order,' is the culmination of the Perry World House Colloquium on the future of world politics, with the Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue serving as the capstone event.
09/26/18 2:17am
After her keynote conversation with campus, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian for an exclusive interview.
09/25/18 12:13am
Unaffiliated with previous socialist efforts, Penn Socialists said it is bringing ongoing education and activism to the Penn community. 
09/21/18 9:59pm
Penn Dems President and Wharton junior Dylan Milligan attended the rally with a group of 126 student members who received tickets after volunteering to canvas for Democrats.
09/21/18 4:54pm
The rally, which Obama will be headlining, is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. and is for the reelection of United States Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf, both of whom are Democrats. 
09/20/18 11:22pm
Penn professors hail the appointment of Jeb Bush to Presidential Professor of Practice as an intelligent move that will promote bipartisanship on campus.
09/20/18 2:49am
Vice President of College Republicans Owen O’Hare said, 'We’re not the type of club that would support a candidate because Trump is supporting them.'
09/18/18 9:54pm
His visit is part of a nationwide effort working towards strategic Democratic midterm wins.
09/18/18 2:58am
Pennsylvania’s congressional map has been ranked among the “most skewed maps by multiple measures."
09/17/18 4:09am
On Oct. 17, Bush will be speaking at a Penn Political Union event, which is funded by the Andrea Mitchell Center, Center Director and Political Science professor Jeffrey Green wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian.
09/17/18 12:12am
Penn Law graduate Mary Gay Scanlon won the Democratic primary election this May for Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District.
09/14/18 1:32am
Annenberg professor Barbie Zelizer said increased threats to journalism in the U.S. and abroad compelled her to establish the Center for Media at Risk in April.
09/14/18 1:27am
The annual event, titled 'Careers in Journalism and New Media,' featured Ashley Parker, Jessica Goodman, and Jill Castellano, all of whom currently work in journalism.
09/09/18 11:59pm
Penn Democrats are kicking off midterm season by traveling an hour out of Philadelphia to Allentown, Pa. They hope to help elect Democrat Susan Wild to replace former republican representative Patrick Meehan.