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10/08/20 1:07am
While Gym believes Penn has made great contributions to Philadelphia, she thinks the University has an unfinished role in uplifting one of the poorest cities in the country.
10/05/20 11:40pm
The announcement comes as a shock to Philadelphia's political establishment, as Toomey's decision puts Republicans at a disadvantage in the state's next elections.
10/05/20 11:01pm
They were especially frustrated with the perceived hypocrisy of the Republican Senators who blocked former President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee in March 2016, stating that the winner of the upcoming election should decide who chooses the nominee.
10/05/20 10:48pm
Pennsylvania voters gave worse ratings of Trump’s personal characteristics in a New York Times/Siena College survey conducted just after the first presidential debate.
10/02/20 12:49am
Student debaters explained why they feel that their respective candidates are best fit to lead the nation for the next four years, with particularly tense moments occurring when the speakers faced off about white supremacy. 
10/01/20 2:02am
Several students and professors stressed their frustration with candidates’ inability to achieve productive discussion, and cited Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy as one of the night's most shocking sentiments.
09/29/20 11:09pm
Pennsylvania joined six other states and the District of Columbia on Monday in requesting the halt.
09/29/20 3:57am
The Black Lives Matter movement inspires numerous comparisons to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. But some Penn alumni — who have marched on its bloodiest streets and decades later, remain committed to seeking justice — are not convinced there can necessarily be a direct comparison. 
09/28/20 11:26pm
Trump's packed rallies, including many unmasked attendees, have conflicted with state COVID-19 restrictions.
09/28/20 10:23pm
Philadelphia Treasurer Christian Dunbar, appointed in 2019, was removed from his position Friday after being charged with fraudulently obtaining United States citizenship through marriage fraud and bank embezzlement from a prior job. 
09/24/20 12:42am
While absentee ballots require the voter to list a reason they cannot vote in person– like traveling out of state during the election, or having an illness or physical disability – anyone can apply for and receive a mail-in ballot.
09/22/20 11:12pm
The new regulations now allow different third party advisors, who may be attorneys, to cross-examine students involved in the complaint, and they make the definition of "sexual assault" more narrow and subjective.
09/17/20 10:53pm
After spending the morning with Latinx elected officials and community leaders during a closed-door roundtable discussion in Kensington, Harris made a surprise visit to the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee headquarters.
09/16/20 11:56pm
The goal of the initiative is to make it easier and free-of-charge for undergraduates living near campus to have the materials to get their vote in on time.
09/16/20 1:32am
Outside the venue, at least 200 people gathered for an anti-Trump demonstration organized by Refuse Fascism Philly and the Penn Community for Justice. 
09/15/20 12:18am
The event was held over Zoom Monday night, and is part of Penn Dems' effort this semester to encourage as many people as possible to vote.
09/14/20 10:35pm
Participants in the 2020 Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey were primarily assessed on their knowledge of their First Amendment rights and of the functions of the United States' federal government branches.
09/13/20 11:10pm
Penn Democrats, College Republicans, Penn for Biden, and the Wharton Politics & Public Policy Club sent a letter to Provost Wendell Pritchett requesting that Penn adjust all classes' attendance accommodations for students seeking to work the polls.
09/13/20 10:41pm
Vindman’s appointment as a Perry World House visiting fellow is the latest step in his transformation from a little-known government official to a prominent anti-Trump national security figure.
09/10/20 11:49pm
Though upperclassmen with residences in Philadelphia remain eligible to vote, most first years did not live on campus, preventing them from establishing a residence and registering to vote in the state.