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01/26/20 11:49pm
Although influential caucuses take place hundreds of miles across the country from Penn, political groups on campus are amping up their outreach efforts. Penn for Bernie and Penn for Biden members are traveling to New Hampshire to canvass voters.
01/22/20 10:12pm
The new ballot machines will increase voting accuracy by leaving a paper trail instead of only recording votes electronically. However, the sudden change in ballot technology may lead to confusion and longer lines at the polling sites.
01/21/20 10:34pm
Penn professor Ian Lustick discussed his new book "Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality" at Perry World House on Tuesday evening.
01/16/20 1:22am
Iranian students in Philadelphia gathered at a candlelight vigil to mourn friends and family lost in a commercial flight that was shot down last week.
01/14/20 11:22pm
United States Sen. and former Penn Law professor Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is among the first 2020 presidential candidates to open a field office in Philadelphia. 
01/14/20 10:41pm
Journalist and 2001 College graduate Amna Nawaz is the first Asian American and first Muslim person to moderate a presidential debate. Nawaz currently serves as the national correspondent at PBS NewsHour, where she has spent much of 2019 reporting on the migrant crisis in United States border towns.
01/14/20 9:45pm
Houston Hall will host a satellite Iowa Caucus in February, organized by College junior and Titonka, Iowa resident, Jessica Anderson.
12/18/19 8:28pm
The House passed two articles, charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump is expected to be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate.
12/08/19 9:58pm
Of the 32 candidates who have announced a presidential bid for 2020, including those who have dropped out, Trump is the only one to have attended Penn.
12/03/19 11:30pm
At a Penn Democrats event, Krasner criticized Biden's past record and his ability to unify the party in 2020.
12/01/19 10:38pm
Student leaders behind Penn for Warren and Penn for Bernie are increasing their outreach to outside organizations to promote their candidates.
11/27/19 11:01am
Scanlon, who now serves as vice chair of the House Judiciary Committee and who graduated from Penn Law School in 1984, argued that Trump has committed impeachable conduct. 
11/27/19 12:58am
While Bernie Sanders supporters at Penn said they would enthusiastically support Uygur's candidacy, more moderate Democrats expressed doubts due to Uygur's history of controversial statements.
11/20/19 10:24pm
Brendan O’Leary, director of the Penn Program in Ethnic Conflict, offered his insight on the consequences of the withdrawal and its future implications. 
11/20/19 8:31pm
The $5 million comes in addition to another $4.4 million approved earlier this year to implement gun violence prevention initiatives in Philadelphia neighborhoods with the highest levels of gun violence.
11/19/19 9:46pm
Penn researchers said these distorted perceptions of polls can have harmful effects on elections and undermine faith in the voting system.
11/17/19 8:16pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model revealed Thursday that the tax could cause the nation’s annual economic growth to decrease by 0.2 percentage points each year over ten years. 
11/17/19 6:36pm
The announcement comes just three months after Huntsman Jr. announced his resignation from his position as the United States ambassador to Russia.
11/13/19 12:22am
The event was structured as a political debate between Bush, who argued that the United States should implement a merit-based system, and three Penn students assigned to argue in opposition.
11/12/19 11:52pm
A group of 20 student protesters stood in the back and silently held signs that read “Deport Fascism,” “No one is illegal on stolen land,” and “Multiculturalism is America.”