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09/18/09 6:22pm

Pa. Senate vote on budget saves city services

Just when it seemed that the city would be forced to lay off 3,000 employees and cut many essential services, the state legislature passed House Bill 1828 yesterday to prevent Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter from implementing his Plan C, or "doomsday," proposal.
09/18/09 6:21pm

House expands student aid

The House of Representatives voted 253 to 171 yesterday to expand the amount of federal aid to expand the amount of federal aid to students by ending subsidies to private lenders.
09/17/09 11:43pm

Nutter to students: Plan C is "100 percent real"

Nutter spoke about his proposed five-year plan, also known as Plan C, Sen. Arlen Specter's reelection campaign and his own experiences as a Penn student, among other things.
09/16/09 4:36am

Obama shows support for Specter at Philadelphia fundraiser

President Barack Obama made a stop in Philadelphia yesterday for a fundraiser to support Sen. Arlen Specter (D- Pa).
09/15/09 11:36pm

'Doomsday' budget effective Friday?

In an effort to reconcile its budget gap, Philadelphia may be forced to adopt Mayor Michael Nutter's updated five-year plan (Plan C) - dubbed the "doomsday" budget - this Friday.
09/14/09 12:17am

Penn Democrats and College Republicans cross the aisle for BBQ

In a show of bipartisanship, the Penn Democrats and the College Republicans hosted a joint barbecue yesterday to welcome interested newcomers.
09/11/09 1:04am
The deadline for Pennsylvania to pass its annual budget came and went 72 days ago, but the impasse in Harrisburg still has no end in sight.
09/11/09 12:02am

City passes $3.8 billion budget

The Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed the city’s $3.8 billion budget for fiscal year 2010 on May 21, with key aspects of the budget awaiting approval from the state legislature.
09/09/09 1:21am

Amid state budget crisis, Vet School faces funding reductions

According to Vet School Dean Joan Hendricks, this year the school anticipates a cut ranging from 16 to 24 percent of its budget in fiscal year 2009. The school is currently preparing for a 24-percent cut, which would entail reducing its former $42-million budget by an estimated $11 million.
09/09/09 12:30am

Summer Recap | Pa. state budget has yet to be passed

After months of contentious debate, Pennsylvania is the only state that is still operating without a budget.
09/09/09 12:26am

Summer Recap | Obama hires more Penn profs, alums

Three more members of the Penn community were named to positions in the President's administration this summer.
09/04/09 1:43am

POLITICS | Meet the leaders of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia

The 2008 election may be over, but Pennsylvania is still the site of many interesting developments in the world of politics.
06/11/09 6:04pm

Brown's president criticizes new legislation

Ruth Simmons, the President of Brown University, wrote a letter to students last week expressing her opposition to legislation facing the Rhode Island state legislature that would allow cities and towns to levy taxes on colleges and universities.
06/11/09 6:01pm

Ex-professor named to Obama admin

Former adjunct law professor Ken Feinberg has been appointed by the Obama administration to oversee the compensation of executives at financial companies receiving government bailout money.
05/30/09 2:56am
Penn alumnus and governor of Utah Jon Huntsman Jr., was nominated by Obama as the United States ambassador to China, and Penn Law professor William Burke-White has been appointed to a policy position in the U.S. Department of State.
05/29/09 12:14am

Williams wins DA Democratic Primary

On May 19, former Philadelphia Inspector General Seth Williams won the Democratic primary for the upcoming Philadelphia District Attorney election, surpassing his four rivals with over 40 percent of the vote.