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22 hours ago
If the Senate confirms Lang’s nomination, Lang will advise the President, Congress, and Commissioner of Social Security on policies related to Social Security programs. 
01/24/23 10:56pm
Students who are constituents of Santos told the DP that the Congressman is "a shameful representation of our district."
01/22/23 9:51pm
Two of the current mayoral candidates have also graduated from the University.
01/18/23 9:47pm
Representatives from College Republicans, Penn Young Democratic Socialists of America, and Penn Dems hope to focus on the Philadelphia mayoral race and increasing engagement within the Penn community.
01/18/23 4:03pm
The letter comes after reports of classified documents being found at the Penn Biden Center were announced on Jan. 9.
01/17/23 11:06pm
In November, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives originally voted to impeach Krasner largely along party lines.
01/17/23 9:37pm
The Justice Department is also currently reviewing classified documents that were previously found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.
01/12/23 11:14pm
Casey is expected to make a full recovery after surgery.
01/10/23 9:08pm
Students have been suspended from Penn Band until January 2024 and have been barred from traveling with the band or holding leadership positions in the group at any point.
01/10/23 9:04pm
The Shapiro administration will be inaugurated on Jan. 17. They announced a list of over 300 transition team members who will work alongside the Gov.-elect. 
01/09/23 10:38pm
Biden's personal attorneys found the classified documents from Biden's term as vice president at the center on Nov. 2, 2022.
12/11/22 2:00pm
The Penn community navigated a changing University administration, campus renovations, and student protests this year.
12/11/22 2:00pm
Penn saw an increased visibility of student concerns about climate justice, protests surrounding Penn’s impact on the environment, and a new administration’s response to students' climate demands.
12/11/22 2:00pm
The DP’s political coverage this year followed how the Penn community reacted to this year’s biggest moments in local and federal politics.
12/08/22 10:24am
In an interview with The DP, Gym elaborated on her plans to address rising gun violence rates, criminal justice reform, and resolving the city's issues in education, if elected. 
12/06/22 2:43am
The conversation will be moderated by PWH Senior Executive Director LaShawn Jefferson. The event will be offered both in person at the World Forum and on Zoom on Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 4-5 p.m.
12/06/22 12:03am
This election marks was the country's fourth general election in two years. 
12/01/22 2:05am
If elected, Gym, who was also the first Asian American woman to serve on the City Council, would be the first female mayor of Philadelphia. 
11/30/22 10:45pm
The speakers — who also attributed the increased energy prices to pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine — covered a range of topics concerning global energy markets and geopolitics.
11/30/22 10:43pm
The Department of Education suspended federal student loan payments at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide borrowers with more leeway during the difficult financial period.