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04/16/21 4:50pm
Columnist Caroline Magdolen argues that Penn should move to a randomized College House sorting system to break down stereotypes associated with the different on-campus living options.
04/15/21 6:41pm
Columnist Alex Eapen argues that the University does little to respond directly to student advocacy and, instead of lip service, should actually focus on implementing the changes students would like to see.
04/14/21 10:45pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board urges Penn to require vaccinations for all students for the fall 2021 semester.
04/14/21 3:37pm
English professor and Asian American Studies Program director Josephine Park releases a statement on the state of the program at Penn.
04/14/21 3:00pm
58 Penn faculty members sign a letter in support of the Asian American Studies program and Prof. David Eng.
04/14/21 2:53pm
The co-chairs of the Asian American Studies Program Undergraduate Advisory Board urge the U. to truly support the program and honor their demands.
04/13/21 1:11pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian's newsletter editor, Iman Syed, reflects on the grief, and healing, which came from the tragic loss of her uncle.
04/12/21 4:10pm
Columnist Taja Mazaj urges the university to be more fiscally transparent, especially when it comes to using students' tuition and fee dollars.
04/11/21 7:58pm
Columnist Emily Chang discusses the difficulty of the college house matching process for rising sophomores and how to fix it.
04/10/21 10:34pm
Columnist Andy Yoon reflects on a year of pandemic life and suggests some permanent changes that may make our lives more healthy.
04/09/21 10:03pm
Columnist Daniel Gurevitch offers his assessment of the college admissions scandal uncovered by operation Varsity Blues and how colleges can do better when admitting students.
04/08/21 9:26pm
In a special feature, columnist Varun Saraswathula examines the state of mental health on campus and assesses how we, as a campus community, can improve it.
04/08/21 2:49am
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board urges University administration take active steps to reduce sexual violence on campus in light of Pres. Biden's announced review of Title IX policies.
04/07/21 12:07am
Penn Dems argues that President Biden must revisit the immigrations policies on which he campaigned and fix the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern border.
04/06/21 1:07am
Wharton senior Katarina Ulich pays tribute to her grandmother, Audrey, who passed away due to COVID-19.
04/02/21 12:17am
The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board argues that students unable to come to campus next semester should still be able to take their desired classes virtually.
03/31/21 7:30pm
Columnist Daniel Gurevitch urges the University to reevaluate its donations policies and be more transparent in disclosing donations from foreign sources.
03/29/21 3:27pm
Guest columnist Sarah Aziza reflects on the influence English professor David Eng had on her time as an undergraduate and how his departure will affect the University.
03/29/21 3:12pm
Columnist Surayya Walters offers three things we can do to improve the experiences of women in business.
03/28/21 8:46pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman urges Penn students to prioritize their passions and interests instead of getting sucked in to a LinkedIn-fueled pit of finance and consulting gigs.