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02/18/21 7:10pm
Mercedes Owens, UA President and College senior, reflects on her time at Penn and personal growth as a Black student leader.
02/17/21 9:50pm
The University’s attempt to build a strong second-year experience is laudable, especially in light of the uncertainty created by COVID-19. However, making housing and dining choices on behalf of students does not accomplish this goal.
02/15/21 10:01pm
Penn announced Tuesday that it would require all sophomores from the Class of 2024 onward to purchase a dining plan in addition to living in on-campus housing. Ostensibly an attempt to encourage community building, many see it as something else.
02/12/21 6:36pm
The rule of law does not run on autopilot — it requires active support, reform, and protection from all. Senate Republicans must vote to convict former president and 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump.
02/12/21 12:09pm
The parallels between the insurrection in Washington a month ago and the one in Rome nearly 100 years ago reveals important historical lessons about how fascism rose in Italy and how easily democracy can be lost.
02/12/21 12:03pm
Public information about the status of COVID-19 at Penn is hard to come by, with only weekly updates on a dashboard largely devoid of relevant information. With real concerns about an outbreak on campus, Penn has to do better.
02/12/21 11:42am
After months of changed plans and doubts raised, Penn stands on the precipice of a major campus COVID-19 outbreak. But instead of blaming the students, the University must hold itself accountable for changing standards and implementing half-baked policies that were supposed to keep our campus safe.
02/12/21 11:39am
Written decades ago, "Native Son" by Richard Wright stands, unfortunately, as a largely-accurate picture of the systemic racism in America today. This Black History Month, consider it a must-read.
02/12/21 11:35am
The quick rise and fall of GameStop's stock was largely driven by small investors looking to turn a quick profit. But young investors must be wary of such schemes and treat online investments with care.
02/11/21 9:18am
This Friday marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, an important annual celebration in many Asian cultures. However, it denies the diversity of these cultures if all of these celebrations are called the Chinese New Year.
02/11/21 9:11am
Penn canceled COVID-19 testing last Monday and Tuesday, followed just days later with news of spiking case counts. Had the tests not been canceled, it is likely an outbreak could have been avoided.
02/10/21 8:18pm
The Editorial Board argues that Penn students have to change the campus culture around COVID-19, otherwise the future of the semester may be in jeopardy.
02/08/21 1:29pm
Penn's COVID-19 mitigation policies are driving students away from campus to avoid breaking regulations. One step Penn should take to keep students in line is reopening limited indoor dining.
02/07/21 11:03pm
In a guest column, Connor Gibson argues that the leaked slideshow shows Penn students still have a responsibility to build a more welcoming campus.
02/07/21 3:06pm
Political activism doesn't require voting — being involved in the other parts of activism is just as important.
02/05/21 11:42am
Penn's campus guidelines for COVID-19 mitigation, while well-intentioned, are not the most practical and likely won't have the impact they're intended to have.
02/04/21 2:00pm
Penn's student body is largely made up of outgoing students, so no one should be surprised that Penn's mitigation efforts seem to have little effect on some members of the community.
02/04/21 10:55am
The Trump family has deep ties to the University. It is time Penn acknowledge this and hold them accountable for their term in the White House.
02/03/21 11:19pm
Penn continues to mistreat subcontracted workers, despite their necessity in keeping campus operational and the community safe.