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10/13/19 9:37pm
Penn believes living on campus can be an enriching part of student life. The administration would find, if they lowered room rates, that demanding students live on campus is not necessary, as many more students would do so voluntarily.
10/13/19 9:03pm
Allowing students to fulfill Sector Requirements with courses taken pass/fail would not only encourage an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, it would make Penn a university that places value on learning and exploration.
10/13/19 8:10pm
One in fourteen Philadelphia faces an eviction filing yearly.
10/08/19 11:06pm
All that HIV patients and any patient in general want is to feel like a normal person. Conversation with friends and patients is the first step. 
10/08/19 10:58pm
Any subject we study here will give us value, be it in terms of employability or creative satisfaction. We should question whether we can do that subject justice.
10/08/19 10:51pm
Legacy admissions does one thing correctly— eliminate the idea that elite education operates on the principle of meritocracy.
10/08/19 10:48pm
While one might be inclined when presented with e-cigarettes’ severe health consequences to just tell one’s peers to stop, we’re way past that. The vaping industry has successfully infected an entire generation of adolescents.
10/08/19 10:40pm
Penn students should take an active role in what they are learning. This includes challenging what is being taught.
10/08/19 6:39pm
The notion that the only way legacy students can contribute to the “prestige” of a university implies that FGLI students can not. 
10/08/19 6:38pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
10/08/19 5:19pm
We, as the Penn community, should not be okay with the idea of the potential “prestige” that comes with legacy students being a factor in the application process.
10/06/19 9:57pm
Mr. Whitefield’s activism, support and participation in slavery is something that must be known. 
10/06/19 9:32pm
Enforcing fees at the Ringe Squash Courts is classist and does not represent the purported values of Penn as an institution striving towards egalitarianism.
10/06/19 9:14pm
The options for students with alcohol and drug addiction need to be clear and accessible. 
10/06/19 6:23pm
As Penn students, we must break the old narrative with new story.
10/06/19 6:09pm
This is the crux of the negativity regarding legacy students on campus. But this sentiment extends beyond Penn’s campus.   
10/04/19 5:16pm
You can choose to be respectful to the hard-working people who often listen to our drunken charades.
10/03/19 12:42pm
At its core, Christianity emphasizes love; it is a religion built upon the gracious love of God who saves humans from sin.
10/02/19 9:06pm
Penn must do what nearly every other person and institution in Philadelphia does: pay taxes.
10/02/19 5:46pm
These small moments have contributed to a great feeling that my professors are not intimidating authoritative figures, but rather mentors who reassure that there is a bright future ahead.