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06/02/20 1:28pm
As a primarily white institution where Black students, faculty, and staff have faced racism from other students and the institution itself, Penn owes its Black community members more.
06/01/20 9:34pm
As non-black people of color, Asian Americans do not share the trauma of the black community and cannot dismiss their pain. 
06/01/20 8:13pm
While social media feeds have been bombarded with tweets and Instagram stories in solidarity with the Black community, these efforts are not enough.
05/31/20 4:28pm
If I were to write an opinion article without providing links to articles written by Black authors about the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests, I would be failing at my attempt to recognize my white privilege. 
05/31/20 4:26pm
As privileged people, we must stop expecting oppressed groups to educate us, to accommodate us, or to be civil toward us.
05/31/20 12:02pm
While progress has been made to give protection to workers, the Office is now in need of its own protection. 
05/29/20 7:34pm
Remember the lives of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd when you vote in the upcoming election.
05/29/20 4:29pm
I wish others would understand the challenges student reporters experience — both emotional and practical. We shoulder the heaviness of listening to, thinking about, and accurately depicting sensitive issues.
05/28/20 11:11am
No matter what Penn announces, it will be a surprise and a far cry from the normal semesters of the past.
05/27/20 8:00pm
Technology and surveillance methods are ingrained in the problem of social disparities.
05/27/20 4:12pm
Sectioning off a regular portion of time to center yourself is imperative to balancing a healthy outlook in your world.
05/27/20 1:25pm
What I have found myself missing above all is community. Penn gave me many communities, and I deeply treasured the connection and support I found in them. 
05/26/20 2:00pm
Regardless of which approach the University chooses for the fall semester, it must guarantee on-campus housing for low-income and other vulnerable students.  
05/26/20 10:38am
It’s key to keep an open mind and listen carefully, even if it's virtually, to what everyone around you is experiencing.
05/25/20 7:11pm
Registering for a mail-in ballot protects you from unnecessary risk of contracting COVID-19. 
05/25/20 9:56am
From undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoc’s to professors- everyone that juggled taking care of their family and fulfilling their strong commitment to Penn became a superhero in their own right.
05/25/20 9:38am
Pennsylvania faces a unique set of challenges in developing an adequate mail-in system as the November presidential election rapidly approaches. 
05/24/20 5:49pm
We hold a responsibility to think about the critical issues faced in our home countries, and find ways to confront them, even while at Penn.
05/22/20 2:46pm
It's important to remind ourselves that there are ways to push ourselves forward, personally and professionally, that don't include the perfect title on our resumes.
05/21/20 10:17pm
It’s natural for us to construct echo chambers by choosing what circles we choose to interact with, and this phenomenon has only been exacerbated by our move to a virtual world.