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10/19/23 11:07pm
Former columnist David Koff shares a story from his undergraduate experience in the 1990s, when a controversial speaker accused of antisemitism was allowed to speak on Penn’s campus. 
10/18/23 11:51pm
Guest Columnists Vincent Kelley and George Borg argue that Penn's COVID-19 vaccine mandates created an environment of fear and coercion on campus. 
10/18/23 10:52pm
Columnist Allison Santa-Cruz asserts that social media, while potentially a platform for discussing global issues, often fosters dehumanization, polarization, and misinformation. She advocates instead for more meaningful face-to-face interactions and a balanced approach to activism.
10/18/23 10:18pm
Guest Columnist Sydney Freedman recounts her experience as a Jewish student at the Walkout for Palestine to add perspective on how a demonstration of solidarity and support turned into a breeding ground for hate.
10/18/23 10:03pm
Members of the Penn community share out their thoughts and perspectives on the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas, Penn's response to the conflict, and its impact on campus life and discourse.
10/17/23 11:05pm
Guest Columnist Steven Weitzman, offering his perspective as a professor of Jewish Studies, calls on the Penn community to address long term institutional weaknesses in light of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
10/17/23 9:00pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian describes the process of petitioning for a new language course with a persuadable and willing Penn. 
10/16/23 11:28pm
Guest Columnist Faresi Alfaresi asserts that while Magill’s statement emphasizes much-needed and long-overdue solidarity with the Jewish community, the Arab and Muslim communities continue to suffer in the shadow the University has always cast onto them.  
10/16/23 9:39pm
Columnist Jack Lakis explores the implications of how a small number of high schools dominate American educational opportunities. 
10/16/23 8:33pm
Guest columnist and Chair of Penn’s Board of Trustees Scott Bok responds to the recent letter from Marc Rowan, calling on the Penn community to work together and move forward in difficult times.
10/16/23 7:30pm
Columnist Zara Tena explores the need for elderly leaders to step down, and allow a new generation of politicians to step in.
10/11/23 7:49pm
Guest Columnist Eyal Yakoby calls on Penn to speak up and reject antisemitism in the wake of recent attacks from Hamas on Israel, redeeming itself following the Palestine Writes Literature Festival. 
10/11/23 5:30pm
Columnist Akiva Berkowitz addresses the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel, explains why we all should rally behind Israel, and considers how students can try to make a difference. 
10/09/23 9:48pm
Columnist Izzy Feinfeld calls on clubs at Penn to have a more open application process and prioritize building community.
10/08/23 4:42pm
Columnist Sangitha Aiyer calls for Penn to assist in combating the chronic underfunding of Philadelphia’s public school libraries.
10/08/23 4:40pm
Columnist Gladys Smith discusses whether Penn is truly giving back to the greater Philadelphia area through its current distribution of attention amongst local high schools. 
10/07/23 11:50am
Columnist Akiva Berkowitz calls for a "Penn 101" introductory course to foster class-wide unity.
10/05/23 3:02pm
Columnist Clever Earth proposes the implementation of mandatory mental health sessions to address the detrimental impact of Penn’s pre-med culture on student wellbeing. 
10/05/23 9:32am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi advocates for lowering the stakes of dating in order to create stronger, more meaningful connections. 
10/05/23 12:15am
Columnist Franklin Li shares his experience of and reflection on living in Gregory College House.