09/17/18 7:22pm
I realized that classes are about quality over quantity, and if I wanted to take advantage of my education, I needed to truly focus on prioritized classes and plan out my next few years.
09/17/18 12:49am
Students who've grown up abroad and have been around alcohol since their teenage years are responsible drinkers, especially compared to students who had their first beer during New Student Orientation. 
09/16/18 10:03pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa.
09/13/18 7:21pm
Penn staff stand ready to help students get the support they need wherever they are — on campus, off campus, abroad, regardless of when and where any acts of harm took place.
09/13/18 2:29am
There are many organizations on campus that could have completely open membership if they changed their mindsets.
09/13/18 2:28am
With numerous exclusive clubs on campus, the majority of applicants are rejected from their desired organization.
09/12/18 11:55pm
Considering all freshman pay the same amount for their dorm rooms, those left out in the heat are sure to question why their comfort is seemingly less important. 
09/12/18 4:06am
If some of us graduate with a commitment to humanistic values and a respect for other cultures, it is despite Penn’s ethos, not because of it.
09/12/18 3:57am
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.
09/10/18 12:23am
In a world that constantly blames the victim, why is DeVos lending more rights to the accused?
09/10/18 12:21am
Your connection to your identity and family’s heritage isn’t defined by whether or not you know how to speak the language. 
09/09/18 6:21pm
SARAH KHAN is a College sophomore from Lynn Haven, Fla.
09/09/18 5:27pm
BEN CLAAR is a College senior from Scarsdale, N.Y. 
09/09/18 4:50pm
It takes courage and compassion for people who have made it to stand up against a system that has helped them succeed, but we must. 
09/06/18 11:52pm
I think the ideal solution is a compromise where affirmative action isn’t completely dismantled, but instead admissions officers stop making these subconsciously biased decisions when it comes to Asian-American applicants.
09/06/18 12:24am
A person should be valued because they are a person, and not because you think they could be your person.
09/05/18 4:51am
Highly addictive painkillers are making their way into drugs that Penn students frequently use. Drugs at Penn are far more unsafe than they were before.
09/04/18 3:59am
Rejection from a school you think you deserve to be accepted to stings, but that does not mean affirmative action is the reason you were not accepted. 
09/04/18 3:41am
So then does it make sense to resort to removing exams or reducing problem sets as a solution to campus stress? Doing this would undermine the very rigor of Penn that has made it what it is.
09/04/18 2:55am
Sometimes, at 3 a.m. you need a reminder that you’re not alone.