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11/17/20 10:02pm
We have a lot of work to do as a nation to create a more equitable and just society. However, it’s also important to consider how wondrous it is that someone like Kamala Harris can be in office.
11/17/20 8:29am
Enforcing this deadline so soon places enormous pressure on students to make a housing decision quickly. 
11/16/20 9:03pm
While I didn’t have a favorite candidate, we now have an executive team with great potential. I’ve begun to trust that together they’ll possess the strength to lead our nation in the right direction.
11/15/20 8:40pm
As students celebrate this good news and begin planning for the upcoming semester, we can only hope that another “Revision” email doesn’t appear in our inboxes.  
11/12/20 12:06am
It is certainly understandable that many upperclassmen want or need to return to campus, owing to mental health deterioration, unsafe home environments, or being locked into off-campus leases. However, nobody should feel pressured to do so.
11/11/20 9:13pm
Outside the isolation of coastal cities and college campuses, America isn’t embracing leftism.
11/09/20 8:11pm
With both Senate elections in Georgia undecided and going to a runoff, there are two distinct directions this country could go and there is still so much more you can do to impact the trajectory we take these next four years.
11/08/20 11:18pm
Students should not see a Biden victory as a reason to disengage from politics. Rather, they should devote themselves to the many areas where there is still work to be done. 
11/06/20 9:11pm
Disinformation isn’t going away anytime soon, and there aren’t any clear, unbiased solutions to it. But we can cope with it better if we stop expecting certainty from our news, and strive to identify probable truths, as opposed to an absolute, undeniable one.
11/06/20 6:17pm
I’m working hard to find a company that does more than talk about inclusivity, equity, and fairness, but one that actually manifests those ideals in their actions.
11/02/20 10:23pm
It’s important to realize that while the coronavirus is not a life-threatening disease for most Penn students, the same cannot be said for many permanent residents of West Philadelphia. 
11/02/20 10:20pm
Over the past year, Penn's administration has made a number of hard choices that have faced substantial student backlash. However, its decision to not suspend operations on Election Day ranks among its worst.
11/02/20 10:04pm
When a system like the Electoral College has flaws, the long-term approach should be to seek recourse and change its structural underpinnings. In the short term, however, abandoning a still-active system does a disservice to everyone else.
11/02/20 9:28pm
Change never happens on Election Day. It happens in the intermediary moments — in the days, weeks, and years between elections.
11/02/20 9:21pm
Those text messages, sent at 8:38 p.m. and 8:40 p.m. on Tuesday night to the entire Penn community, were an act of “public safety,” meaning they were a direct warning to us all that we should avoid that location. 
11/02/20 10:43am
Master candidates for Social Policy were given the opportunity to anonymously react to the decisions made surrounding MSSP 628 and  MSSP 710. The candidates expressed a variety of concerns, including a lack of transparency, equal treatment, and potential self-censorship.
11/01/20 9:01pm
At this critical crossroads of our nation’s history, we need a principled leader that can deliver the truth, unite the country behind a shared vision, and carry us forward to a better America. We need Joe Biden in the White House, more than ever. 
11/01/20 8:54pm
If we as Penn students want to act as a force of change in this country, the youth vote cannot afford to be one of idealism.
10/30/20 4:30pm
As graduate workers and members of GET-UP, we believe that for Penn to make good on its promise to support current students, the administration must guarantee a universal one-year funding extension for all doctoral students in every school and department.
10/30/20 4:08pm
Former Vice President Biden openly stated how proud he was for his son for overcoming a drug addiction. The elder Biden is right to be proud of his son Hunter’s triumph — we all should take note of his transparency and decency.