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04/30/19 6:33pm
I will always have to choose between pursuing my passions in the United States of America and being with my family. If I choose one, I can’t have the other.
04/29/19 11:08pm
Students should know of every advantage Penn’s financial aid offers in order to allow them the same access as Penn students not on financial aid.  
04/28/19 10:04pm
We understand our diversity initiatives require dedication from student leadership as well as openness to criticism and suggestions from the wider Penn community. We want to hear from you about how we can continue to make the DP a more inclusive and diverse place.
04/28/19 4:16pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
04/24/19 7:43pm
Independent student journalism is crucial both for the campus communities student journalists cover and for the media industry at large. 
04/24/19 7:40pm
If they allow the PBC to close down in the next month, this would send a pointed message to undergraduates across countless departments that our academic passions must take a backseat to profit.
04/24/19 2:13am
The truth of the matter, and what some are so quick to overlook, as they are blindsided by their activist ambitions, is that having the ability to volunteer or take on an unpaid internship exudes extreme privilege. 
04/22/19 12:35pm
We could live incredibly sustainable lives. But we don’t.
04/21/19 11:51pm
Restorative justice requires administrative action too, and alone isn't enough to solve a problem of this gravity. 
04/21/19 7:26pm
The entire system of summer courses at Penn benefits mainly wealthy students. 
04/21/19 6:28pm
Before I came to Penn, I pretty much said “yes” to every kind of position or opportunity presented to me.
04/21/19 6:14pm
And, although their nagging can sometimes be annoying, it’s good to be reminded from time to time that it’s important to get enough sleep, eat well, and go to Van Pelt every once in a while.
04/18/19 2:58pm
We invited Candace Owens because of the hope and strength she represents for individuals who suffer social ostracisation because of different political beliefs. She is willing to “fall on a sword a thousand times” for her communities, her causes, and the truth.
04/17/19 8:47pm
The high turnout in last week’s student government elections at Georgetown reflects the extent to which the student body there has taken an active role in determining how their school will address its historical ties to slavery. It’s time for Penn’s student body to do the same. 
04/17/19 10:50am
 If we truly want to make any strides toward resolving the policy issues we care about — and I think we do — we cannot continue to enable these provocative distractions from genuine discourse. 
04/16/19 9:06pm
I realized that spending a lot of time alone, coupled with the stress of academics, can foster loneliness even in those who like alone time. This means you might not feel as happy as you might have in high school or on vacation. 
04/16/19 8:47pm
 Learn our names correctly. It’s not that hard. 
04/16/19 12:33pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
04/15/19 6:31pm
My peer-advisor story is not a unique one, and many people don’t feel as if their peer advisors have done all they can to help them. But I must ask myself if I did all I could to ask for help.   
04/14/19 10:37pm
Losing the Penn Book Center comes with a serious cost to our campus, but there is a solution.