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10/04/19 5:16pm
You can choose to be respectful to the hard-working people who often listen to our drunken charades.
10/03/19 12:42pm
At its core, Christianity emphasizes love; it is a religion built upon the gracious love of God who saves humans from sin.
10/02/19 9:06pm
Penn must do what nearly every other person and institution in Philadelphia does: pay taxes.
10/02/19 5:46pm
These small moments have contributed to a great feeling that my professors are not intimidating authoritative figures, but rather mentors who reassure that there is a bright future ahead.
10/02/19 2:21pm
It is important to remember that this mentality and perspective can be incredibly damaging and harmful.
10/01/19 5:27pm
It is time to take a stand and demand better from those for whom we will dedicate the majority of our waking hours.
09/29/19 8:08pm
Our University will never proactively address the climate crisis of its accord. And so it is time that that we — Penn students — show the University that it must change its habits and its investments whether it wants to or not. 
09/29/19 8:05pm
Instead of laughing at Furda, Penn students should take a page from his book. 
09/29/19 12:51pm
Penn fashion has been polarizing to me since my first year, and it seems to only be getting more obvious
09/29/19 12:48pm
While going out is supposed to allow for a release, at Penn, it is also a way of enhancing social standing. 
09/25/19 10:42pm
Properly implemented, the policy on secular and religious holidays will affirm Penn’s goals of inclusion and community. 
09/24/19 6:19pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College sophomore from Penn Valley, Pa. Her email address is
09/24/19 12:10pm
SARAH KHAN is a College sophomore from Lynn Haven, Fla.
09/23/19 7:52pm
My experience was a Christian one, but I think this can happen in any religion, and I think the result is almost always the same.
09/23/19 7:48pm
Given the critical role financial industries play in climate change, climate education and corporate environmental responsibility must be Wharton’s priority. 
09/23/19 3:23pm
Together, we undoubtedly made history; yet, the need and opportunity for improvement remains.
09/22/19 8:19pm
Philadelphia administrators should have encouraged students to participate in the climate strike and helped to educate them to be active and caring citizens.
09/22/19 6:22pm
Penn remains steadfastly committed to your health and wellness. I am personally overseeing the transition at CAPS.
09/22/19 5:16pm
BRANDON LI is a College freshman from Montgomery, NJ studying Biology. His email is
09/18/19 10:57pm
These are some important questions Penn students can ask themselves before they become too blinded by their own biases.