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10/02/20 6:04pm
Perhaps the only time when sleeping through your alarm and missing class is acceptable is when that alarm is for 3:00 a.m.
10/01/20 12:04pm
At Penn, there isn’t a lack of political outlets for civic engagement, as demonstrated by active groups on campus such as Penn Democrats, College Republicans and Penn Leads the Vote. However, we shouldn’t settle on voting as bare minimum engagement.
10/01/20 11:14am
SARAH KHAN is a College junior from Lynn Haven, Fla.
09/29/20 10:52pm
Professors should step in where the University will not. Faculty members should cancel classes and recitations next Thursday and Friday if they are able. 
09/29/20 12:01pm
I know how tough these times can be. I also know the power of generosity. The world is too ugly right now to not be kind and generous when we can be. 
09/23/20 10:48pm
The School of Arts and Sciences must provide more information surrounding its decision to halt Ph.D. admissions and what it means for the graduate student body. 
09/22/20 7:02pm
In honor of National Voter Registration Day, it is imperative that you register to vote so that your vision is represented when votes are counted this November.
09/21/20 9:28pm
Students ought to realize the vast opportunities presented by online learning, and challenge themselves academically throughout the semester. 
09/21/20 8:58pm
One must realize that the Penn Bubble is a phenomenon that extends beyond its geographical boundaries — it's a symptom of a larger problem.
09/18/20 4:54pm
Decisions are made by those who show up. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.
09/18/20 4:45pm
What I am lobbying for is for in this time of social change that my employer challenges the very boundaries I have discussed here. To align itself with efforts of correcting wealth inequalities and to entertain serious discussion that could affect the lives of many of its employees of color.
09/15/20 2:47pm
We make this appeal to Penn not just because we believe it is the socially just thing to do, but because we also feel it is the neighborly thing to do. In our time as teachers, we have taken part in reciprocal relationships with the university grounded in mutual respect and genuine concern for the education of our students. 
09/14/20 1:02am
As a supposedly independent college student, dealing with a toxic or abusive parent brings me back to my childhood and high school days. 
09/14/20 12:54am
I urge everyone to think about what kind of harm they’re doing to their peers when they record them on Zoom, and what kind of harm this does to the safe space of education more generally.
09/10/20 6:46pm
With your input, ideas, and guidance, we can make this moment the powerful catalyst for change that it should and must be.
09/09/20 8:33pm
Once at Penn, unless we take it upon ourselves, we can skip learning about the ways in which our society is strongly tainted by racism. This must change. All Penn students must be taught how white supremacy directly influences every element of our society. 
09/08/20 9:04pm
Especially given the dire circumstances the District now faces as a result of Covid-19, Penn and other wealthy nonprofits must fulfill their civic and financial obligations through PILOTs.
09/07/20 8:54pm
Thinking towards the future, one should wonder why would professors ever want to return to the previous organization of syllabus week when instead they could begin class almost right away, perhaps only devoting a 20-minute block of class time for syllabus-related or logistical questions.
09/03/20 8:38pm
The conversation cannot stop after we cast our ballots but it is the first real step towards progress. So this November, please, vote.
09/01/20 9:00pm
We, the undersigned faculty, staff, students, and alumni believe that the long-term good name and reputation of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School depends on Penn’s administration doing the right thing in the present moment.