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11/30/22 2:03am
Among various career paths, financial services continued to be the most popular with 38.6% of graduates taking a job in the sector, with private equity as the most pursued subfield at 12.6%.
11/30/22 1:55am
Lawyers, administrators, and professors compose the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, which voted 15-1 to eliminate the testing mandate.
11/29/22 11:36pm
The group is aims to facilitate voter registration and education, particularly for students registered to vote in Georgia ahead of the state's upcoming runoff election on Dec. 6.
11/29/22 12:48am
“A Toast to Dear Old Penn,” which will be held on Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m. this year, is organized every year by the Platt Student Performing Arts House. 
11/29/22 12:19am
The book — titled "The Customer-Base Audit: The First Step on the Journey to Customer Centricity" and co-authored by Michael Ross, the chief retail scientist at EDITED, and Bruce Hardie, a professor of marketing at London Business School — was published in early November by the Wharton School Press. 
11/29/22 12:16am
Professor Shiri Melumad, Professor Emeritus Wesley Hutchinson, and Professor Wendy De La Rosa all won awards at the Association for Consumer Research Conference.
11/29/22 12:15am
Researchers used a new cellphone application to track teen drivers and found that adolescents, regardless of sex, tend to adopt dangerous behaviors on the road which lead to car crashes.
11/29/22 12:15am
The mentors on the platform range from Nick Hamburger — founder and CEO of Quevos, who was featured on Shark Tank and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 — to recent college graduates working in tech and investment banking.
11/28/22 4:57am
The program partnered with Vaux Big Picture High School and Paul Robeson High School to amass a pilot cohort of 15 students.
11/28/22 4:54am
1997 College and Wharton graduate Musk presented employees with an online form in which employees could either agree to stay for the new work culture or to leave the following day.
11/28/22 12:32am
The suit, which was filed in the Common Pleas Court, accused the city and University of tortious interference with a dead body and inflicting emotional distress.
11/27/22 11:53pm
While Penn is the only Ivy League institution to offer the language in such a capacity, the program suffers from lack of resources and currently has no full-time faculty members.
11/22/22 3:00am
According to the report, the largest job losses during the pandemic have been in the office and administrative support sector.
11/22/22 2:57am
The announcement comes after Teri Windisch, who was named the Center's executive director last year, stepped down from the position. MacDermott-Havey will oversee approximately 45 individuals affiliated with the Center.
11/22/22 2:55am
While taking his MLA classes virtually and working full-time at Google, 23-year-old Aidan Sova competed against six other candidates for three open spots on the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees.
11/22/22 2:54am
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down for an interview with Kenneth Roth after his recent talk at Perry World House.
11/22/22 1:12am
The NEC reiterated its commitment to "misrepresented and underrepresented" student groups as motivation for supporting FFP’s fight for access to interface with University administrators.
11/21/22 1:23am
Now that it has been given the historic district designation, its buildings will be protected from further demolition and exterior modification.
11/21/22 1:20am
Mann leads various efforts to tackle communication challenges related to climate change and sustainability to the general public and policymakers.
11/21/22 1:15am
In addition to their success in tournaments, members of Penn Debate Society said that they have enjoyed the community that they have gained from the club.