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01/28/21 1:32am
Students and professors expressed a sense of optimism towards the Biden-Harris administration as they look forward to the reversal of several Trump-era policies.
01/28/21 1:28am
Crumbling under the daily burden of enforcing campus safety guidelines, remaining RAGAs are worried about contracting COVID-19 without receiving vaccine prioritization, increased pay, or more frequent testing. 
01/28/21 1:18am
"We cannot definitively say where this water came from," FRES Executive Director of Operations and Maintenance Faramarz Vakili wrote in a statement to The Daily Pennsylvanian.
01/28/21 1:16am
The University maintains the closure will not decrease Penn's testing capacity, Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian.
01/28/21 12:52am
Penn President Amy Gutmann introduced the event by condemning former President Donald Trump for inciting a riot at the Capitol and urging audience members to remember King's legacy as a guide.
01/27/21 2:40am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple students who have survived COVID-19. Here are their stories.
01/27/21 1:26am
Schuyler, who believed his speech at an archaeological conference was being suppressed, said he used the Nazi phrase and salute to reference limits on free speech in Nazi Germany.
01/27/21 12:54am
The decision comes after PFC, which has already vaccinated thousands of Philadelphia residents, suddenly switched to a for-profit model and unexpectedly stopped offering COVID-19 tests.
01/26/21 10:04pm
Since patient characteristics and the severity of illness have remained the same throughout the pandemic, the study suggests that hospital staff quickly improved their approach to patient care.
01/26/21 3:24am
The pandemic has driven an increased number of medical school applications this year, with many prospective students inspired by firsthand experiences with COVID-19 and frontline workers' heroism.
01/26/21 3:23am
Proclamations issued by the Trump administration last year have restricted the entry of certain travelers to the United States, forcing some Brazilian students to quarantine abroad before arriving on campus this semester.
01/25/21 10:50pm
The study indicates that both patients currently suffering from cancer and those with inactive cancer are highly vulnerable to COVID-19. 
01/25/21 10:20pm
Researchers found that the number of fatal overdoses suffered by Black individuals increased by over 50% compared to the previous year while the rate for white individuals dropped by 31%.
01/25/21 9:41pm
The money will help the Dental School study and work to eliminate biases against LGBTQ people in dentistry.
01/25/21 8:25pm
Philadelphia receives its vaccine supply directly from the federal government, giving the city freedom to create its own distribution plan.
01/25/21 1:42am
Some experts believe that those who have a higher exposure to COVID-19 should be first in line, while others believe that people who face a higher risk of death should be prioritized. 
01/25/21 1:37am
West Philadelphia residents felt blindsided by Penn's decision to reopen campus for the spring, adding that people who are already disproportionately affected by the virus will be the most affected.
01/25/21 12:53am
FGLI students largely praised Penn's decision to open campus after operating a remote fall semester, citing guaranteed University housing and food for on-campus housing residents.
01/25/21 12:48am
Class Board President and Wharton senior Lizzie Youshaei said she hopes the change to April Club will allow for the possibility of some in-person, outdoor events as the weather becomes warmer, and if the COVID-19 pandemic improves
01/25/21 12:45am
The website displays contact information and descriptions for 97 campus organizations, ranging from Counseling and Psychological Services to Penn Women's Center.