01/18/19 7:39am
"Asian Students: Please follow the Western convention of writing your family name last and in CAPS," read the syllabus for Stat 111, taught by Emeritus Professor Warren Ewens.
01/18/19 6:41am
Activists and housing developers brought up Penn as a possible collaborator in the future.
01/18/19 6:35am
None of the eight colleges received a passing grade. Yale University and Dartmouth College both received F's, putting them at the bottom of the list.
01/18/19 5:28am
Williams, who launched his campaign six weeks ago, was enrolled in Penn’s Political Science Ph.D. program from 2001 to 2011, concentrating in American Politics. 
01/18/19 4:46am
UA Speaker and College junior Brian Goldstein said the UA will make efforts to increase undergraduate attendance and hold an open forum meeting at the end of the month.
01/17/19 6:23am
At around 11:30 a.m., students reported that Philadelphia Police blocked off the Quad. The Philadelphia Police also temporarily shut down the 3600 block of Spruce street.
01/17/19 6:23am
Watts is currently a principal researcher and founding member of the Microsoft Research Lab and an Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University.   
01/17/19 6:20am
The restaurant will be closed for at least 48 hours pending a re–inspection after a Cease Operations Order on January 16.
01/17/19 6:11am
The Penn Law students will release four more monthly episodes this semester.
01/17/19 5:49am
King will oversee Career Services, Civic House, NROTC, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Office of Student Affairs, and Platt Student Performing Arts House.  
01/17/19 5:43am
This decision comes after years of informal collaboration between the various minority coalition groups.
01/17/19 5:37am
Graduate student leaders who have advocated for the implementation of the University's online bias reporting form discuss what the follow-up process looks like for student users.
01/17/19 4:33am
Jane Coyle Morris will replace Harriet Joseph, who served as CURF's executive director from 2008 until her retirement in 2018.  
01/17/19 1:46am
This year the Penn Association for Gender Equity was added to the 5B – the main minority coalition organization on campus. 
01/16/19 1:00pm
The trifecta of president, business manager, and executive editor is known at The Daily Pennsylvanian as the big three.
01/16/19 1:00pm
“Elizabeth and Natalia have big shoes to fill, but we’re all confident they’ll do a fantastic job. The future is bright for Under the Button,” said 134 President and 133 UTB Editor-in-Chief David Akst, who hired the pair. 
01/16/19 1:00pm
The new Street board plans to hit the ground running with changes and improvements the moment they assume their roles in January. 
01/16/19 12:00pm
"When you look at the new people joining us, everyone has really shown that they’re really dedicated to the organization. We’re in a better position now than we’ve ever been to reimagine our strategy from a digital perspective,” said Digital Director Sam Holland.
01/16/19 4:34am
Wharton senior Dotun Adejare, Wharton and Engineering senior Johnathan Chen, and Zhongyuan "Echo" Zeng, a candidate for a master's in city planning, received the scholarship last month.
01/16/19 3:27am
Since the end of last semester, site excavation continued, brick walkways were torn out, and temporary lighting was installed, according to an email sent to Rodin College House residents on Jan. 10.