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11/08/19 1:30am
The University cited security concerns as driving their decision to shut down the event in the ARCH building and has not offered an alternative venue, Penn College Republicans leaders said. The club still intends to bring D'Souza to campus.
11/08/19 1:26am
The board also proposed a potential joint master’s degree program that would involve collaboration from the Graduate School of Education, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Weitzman School of Design.
11/07/19 11:28pm
The College Hall construction will cost $5.4 million and will take place between December 2019 and June 2020. 
11/07/19 9:04pm
Williams, who is also the co-founder of clothing brand Young Moguls, self-published “Breaking the System: Unlocking Your Limitless Potential” this summer. 
11/07/19 8:52pm
PSG leaders aim to foster a space where students can learn about each of the six government branches and feel comfortable advocating their concerns to student representatives.
11/07/19 8:11pm
Four Penn graduate students were reportedly robbed. 
11/07/19 7:27pm
A ruptured pipe caused the leak, according to an email from Division of Public Safety Executive Director of Operations Kathleen Shields Anderson.
11/07/19 1:14am
On Tuesday, at least 1,058 students voted for mayor and city council positions. In November 2015, only 213 students voted on election day.
11/07/19 12:04am
Many of the items Penn students and faculty use on campus end up in the wrong place. Here's how to properly dispose of styrofoam, light bulbs, and electronic waste on Penn's campus.
11/06/19 11:35pm
Vaughan spoke at Wharton Council's annual Business of Life lecture, which features members of the Wharton community with unique life stories and unconventional journeys to success.
11/06/19 11:34pm
In a discussion with Political Science professor Nicholas Sambanis, Swing shared his personal insights on the successes and challenges of U.N. peacekeeping missions.
11/06/19 11:33pm
Ojmarrh Mitchell argued that while racial profiling is often attributed to implicit bias, structural and institutional factors play a bigger role.
11/06/19 12:48am
Along with Kenney's expected triumph, the victory of Working Families Party member Kendra Brooks in a City Council at-large seat was a milestone achievement that weakened Republican control in Philadelphia politics.
11/05/19 11:35pm
The study, which focused on West Point students, finds that cognitive abilities were the best predictor of academic and military grades, but physical ability and grit were more important for making it through the grueling initiation training. 
11/05/19 10:45pm
Mendelsohn, who has served in the British Parliament's House of Lords since 2013, spoke about the history, possible causes, and implications of the Brexit referendum on Tuesday evening. 
11/05/19 9:21pm
“Global Environmental History from Paleolithic to Present" will address how changes in human social and government organization  throughout history have affected the environment. 
11/05/19 8:11pm
Lamberton will serve as the inaugural Alberto I. Duran President’s Distinguished Professor in Wharton’s Marketing Department. Lamberton previously taught at the University of Pittsburgh for more than 10 years.
11/05/19 5:54pm
The event featured four Latina poets: Marta López-Luaces, Lizabel Mónica, Azahara Palomeque, and Mercedes Roffé.
11/05/19 12:36am
Along with City Council races, Philadelphia residents will elect a mayor, sheriff, city commissioner, and will vote in several judicial races and on three ballot questions about Philadelphia and Pennsylvania policies.
11/04/19 1:56am
On Oct. 24, a plastic spoon melted on the hot stove and caused smoke at Rodin College House at about 1:30 a.m.