11/02/18 4:30pm
Established in May 2018, the Penn First Plus Office aims to improve the experience of first-generation, low-income students at Penn, as administrators look to accommodate the school's biggest-ever FGLI class. 
11/02/18 4:51am
Johnson & Johnson has opened an innovation accelerator center where their health technology startups can develop new products right at Penn.  
11/02/18 1:59am
Penn announced it would give students living in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and the Florida panhandle an extension until Nov. 12 to send in their ED applications, as well as waive the $75 application fee.
11/01/18 5:05pm
After a failed attempt in 2015 to convince Penn to divest from all fossil fuels, the student group called on the University to divest from coal and tar sands, a specific type of fossil fuel. 
11/01/18 4:01am
Rabinowitz died as one of the 11 people killed in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting massacre.
11/01/18 3:13am
Barbara Hewitt, Executive Director of Penn’s career services, said she welcomed the change and hopes that other companies will follow suit. 
11/01/18 12:57am
Penn Fems hopes voters will choose candidates who “promote values that support the wellbeing of everyone, especially all women in every sense of the word.”
10/31/18 10:14pm
Penn is a leader in autism research, but falls short in supporting autistic students like me.
10/31/18 4:29am
Penn GSE professor and lead author of the study Richard Ingersoll is unsure of the sustainability of the rapid expansion of the teacher workforce. 
10/31/18 4:12am
If enacted, the change would dramatically curtail recognition of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals under federal law. 
10/31/18 3:57am
Josh Evans' interest in real estate investment stemmed from a few Penn classes he took in urban development. 
10/31/18 3:53am
The acquisition builds on a series of steps taken in recent years to significantly expand Penn Medicine's operations. 
10/31/18 3:45am
While museum tours might mention many objects, a Daily Dig “forces you to focus on something and truly take the time to appreciate it,” Williams said. 
10/31/18 3:28am
According to a report from The New York Times, the 1968 Wharton graduate frequently confides in his close friends in phone calls made using an iPhone that is not secure. 
10/31/18 2:49am
Launched for the first time this year, the Trans Literacy Project is designed to involve and engage members across disciplines and communities.
10/31/18 2:11am
Founders of the group are making mental wellness a priority. 
10/31/18 1:30am
More than a decade after leaving Penn, Ponte's exposure to peer support has inspired her to launch a new online network called ForLikeMinds
10/30/18 6:15am
PennChart aims to provide automated real-time updates that notify clinicians when a patient requires specific action or treatment. 
10/30/18 5:48am
The residents of 3929 and 3931 Pine Street no longer have to evacuate following the relocation of residents in basement units, thereby solving the building's zoning issue.
10/30/18 2:25am
PILOTs, or Payments in Lieu of Taxes, are voluntary contributions that nonprofits make to local governments.