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05/10/24 9:06pm
Multiple Penn professors recounted their experience with this morning's police sweep of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment at the gathering, with several speakers and audience members breaking into tears.
05/10/24 5:52pm
Demonstrators remained at the intersection for around three hours and chanted at police officers, who maintained a large presence even after the police vans had left. 
05/10/24 4:27pm
At 1 p.m., the American Association of University Professors held a press conference condemning the arrests of members of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment and the suppression of "nonviolent anti-war protest."
05/10/24 3:08pm
While several of Pennsylvania’s most high-profile politicians praised Penn’s move to disband the encampment, two politicians who represent Penn expressed deep concern about the University's conduct. 
05/10/24 2:43pm
Falleti wrote that she is “no longer confident of my ability to work collaboratively with our administration that has sent in the police to arrest its own students, staff, and faculty.”
05/10/24 12:58pm
Approximately 33 individuals were arrested at the encampment early Friday morning, a University spokesperson wrote to The Daily Pennsylvanian. As of 9:05 a.m., all individuals had been released.
05/10/24 11:28am
Around five Penn employees could be seen carrying out tents, signs, flags, backpacks, and other belongings from the encampment and loading them into a trash truck parked on Locust Walk. 
05/10/24 9:45am
University administrators explained that they acted after the campus had been “under threat” for too long a period of tine.
05/10/24 6:23am
The arrests came nearly two week after pro-Palestinian activists pitched approximately 40 tents on College Green.
05/10/24 5:48am
The police response comes on the 16th day since the Gaza Solidarity Encampment began and the second day since it expanded.
05/09/24 5:17pm
“The University of Pennsylvania has an obligation to their safety,” he said. “It is past time for the university to act, to address this, to disband the encampment, and to restore order and safety on campus.”
05/09/24 1:24pm
A letter addressed to one of the disciplined individuals writes that their participation has contributed to “increasingly unsafe conditions” and “a situation that poses a threat to order and safety.”
05/09/24 10:12am
Measures include airport-style security, a no-bag policy, and PennCard checks for all graduates to enter the field. 
05/08/24 10:56pm
The main entrance to Van Pelt Library is closed to everyone — including Penn students — as of 8:04 p.m. Penn Hillel is also currently on lockdown, according to a source familiar with the matter. 
05/08/24 10:48pm
At around 7:30 p.m., members began moving barriers and at least eight tents onto the east side of College Green as a crowd of 200 people chanted “disclose, divest, we will not stop, we will not rest.” 
05/08/24 7:33pm
A second encampment has appeared with multiple tents to the left of the current encampment on Penn's College Green — the first expansion of the demonstration since it began two weeks ago.
05/08/24 1:20am
The letter, which was acquired by The Daily Pennsylvanian, calls on Jameson to “act immediately,” even if it means inviting the Philadelphia Police Department to campus.
05/07/24 8:52pm
The encampment spokesperson said that Penn’s administration “doubled down on their oppression toward the encampment” and referred nine students for disciplinary action yesterday. 
05/07/24 12:13pm
 Attendees at the pro-Palestinian rally also alleged additional instances of harassment from two different counterprotesters before and after Hill's remarks.
05/07/24 11:45am
The new declarations, which were obtained by The Daily Pennsylvanian, include additional information about the ongoing encampment on College Green and antisemitic actions that have allegedly taken place since it began.