02/27/19 12:50am
La Salle administrators say they hope the move will improve mental health and increase appeal for prospective students.
02/26/19 7:38pm
PennDesign has been one of the most tuition-dependent schools at Penn for the past several years, creating uncertainty over the future of the school because of the high financial risk that comes with varying enrollment sizes each year.
02/26/19 5:47am
CogWell Director of Training Barbra Berley-Mellits, a trained social worker, taught attendees how to become more effective listeners and better support their friends. 
02/26/19 4:16am
The professors were recognized for their commitment to research and their interdisciplinary approach to addressing social issues.
02/26/19 4:10am
Sanctions for the Wharton China Business Society included a two-year suspension, cancellation of upcoming trips and conferences, and a mandate for board members to write apology letters to new members.
02/26/19 2:05am
The forum, titled “What happened to Black History Month?," included speeches from Penn student leaders, other students, and Falk Dining Commons staff.
02/26/19 1:07am
The Protecting Minors On Campus Policy, effective since Feb. 19, mandates that individuals working with children must undergo a three-part background check.
02/25/19 10:51pm
Among the top three cities, Philadelphia had the smallest pay gap for women in technology, with women earning 97 percent of what men do.
02/25/19 6:35am
Hillel's Falk Dining Commons staff were told they could not celebrate Black History Month the same way they could before, by serving Southern cuisine to students.  
02/25/19 5:00am
Feb. 10: At the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, at about 12:30 a.m., a male suspect verbally threatened an officer and proceeded to attempt to stab the officer in the neck with a pen. 
02/25/19 4:59am
Claire Sliney on producing the Best Documentary (Short Subject) winner, 'Period. End of Sentence.'
02/25/19 3:56am
The three-part exhibit, titled “Ancient Egypt: From Discovery and Display," features over 200 artifacts, many of which have have never been on display before. 
02/25/19 3:35am
While SRFS scrapped their efforts to improve accessibility to work-study jobs, students continue to criticize the process of finding these positions.
02/25/19 2:27am
The project includes improvements to existing structures and the construction of new buildings, specifically Penn's record-breaking $163 million dorm hall New College House West. 
02/25/19 2:10am
In addition to not having footage that captured the incident, the OSC also could not verify whether the labels on the women's clothing indicated that the women were part of the Theta chapter.
02/25/19 1:45am
Students can request vehicles to pick them up and drop them off from 42nd Street to Rittenhouse Square in Center City.
02/25/19 1:27am
Facilities and Real Estate Services said there was a potential issue with the decorative portion of the ceiling, which was anchored by the original manufacturer.
02/23/19 2:52am
The donation will create the Joshua J. Harris Alternative Investments Program to expand research opportunities for students and host events that connect students to alumni and experts in the industry.
02/22/19 6:17am
Student groups including the Asian Pacific Student Coalition, Penn Association for Gender Equity, and Spice Collective were involved in pasting posters onto the campus LOVE Statue.
02/22/19 6:12am
Chemistry professor Jessica Anna and Mathematics professor Davi Maximo are among 126 Sloan Fellows in the United States and Canada. Each will receive $70,000 for a two-year research period.