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02/23/24 1:58am
The speakers discussed personal anecdotes, gentrification, decolonization, and abolition in front of an audience of around 15 students and faculty members. 
02/23/24 12:02am
Students were forced to shower in other locations, including the Pottruck Gymnasium, due to the hot water outage.
02/23/24 12:01am
While Fetterman campaigned on progressive issues and was endorsed by progressive groups, the political left has expressed disapproval with his stance.
02/22/24 11:31pm
The program aims to support, uplift, and amplify Black students at Penn by providing an open space for fellowship and a nurturing environment.
02/22/24 11:21pm
The nine universities that have students attending the roundtable include Penn, Harvard, and Columbia. 
02/22/24 11:11pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple Penn students and prospective voters about their thoughts on Biden's stance on the conflict.
02/22/24 6:00am
 Also, open expression concerns dominated an open forum.
02/22/24 1:32am
Topics discussed included Penn’s open expression guidelines, disciplinary actions against students, and the University’s responses to antisemitism and Islamophobia.
02/22/24 12:06am
In 2023, 30 current students and recent alumni from Penn were offered an award to study, pursue research, or teach English in more than 20 countries.
02/22/24 12:00am
Students and recent alumni can submit their idea for a screenplay or TV pilot, competing for the opportunity to pitch directly to influential producers within the entertainment industry.
02/21/24 10:50pm
Wharton Finance professor Michael Roberts will lead the program, which addresses the importance of fixed-income investing and risk management amid rising interest rates. 
02/21/24 9:23pm
Scooters are currently banned from campus housing due to their classification as a fire hazard, prompting students to voice displeasure with the regulations.
02/21/24 6:00am
Also, the latest on Penn's standardized testing requirement.
02/21/24 2:50am
NAE is a nonprofit organization that aims to contribute to national welfare by shaping research fields and informing the public about engineering.
02/21/24 2:35am
The new courses for next year span four continents and a wide variety of disciplines, from engineering to foreign policy. 
02/21/24 12:34am
Decades of turnover and redevelopment of the Black Bottom have greatly frustrated residents and community members, who continue to fight for accessible and affordable housing.
02/21/24 12:06am
Penn's test-optional policy was first implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2020-21 admissions cycle and has been extended every cycle since.
02/20/24 8:05pm
The hearing board's ruling follows an uncommon disciplinary procedure that began in January 2022, continuing the national debate about the boundaries of protected speech by academics.
02/20/24 12:43am
A DP analysis found that the number of full-time non-medical school administrators at Penn increased by 78%, compared to a 40% increase in full-time non-medical faculty over the past 20 years. 
02/19/24 11:45pm
The Feb. 11 CPR training event reached 617 people across 14 locations around campus.