11/30/18 4:25am
While the club’s official stance on legalization is nonpartisan, the marijuana industry is at an "interesting inflection point" amid shifting legalization policies nationwide.  
11/30/18 1:46am
E-cigarettes began as a way to help people quit smoking, but their popularity among teens has now led to fears of nonsmoking adolescents becoming nicotine-addicted.
11/29/18 11:53pm
In the interview, Sandra Florian discussed the “motherhood penalty," explaining that it is "in great part a result of less time spent in the labor market."
11/29/18 7:52pm
Philadelphia’s Chamber of Commerce has awarded the annual honor since 1949 to a local individual for 'outstanding contributions toward the betterment of the region, professional accomplishments, and commitment to charity as well as to the community.'
11/29/18 7:43pm
The Annenberg researchers found that marijuana use does not increase conduct problems like school truancy or stealing in a recently published study. 
11/29/18 5:54am
From 2003 to 2017, Penn saw a 37.18 percent decline in degrees awarded in the humanities and a 19.57 percent decrease in degrees awarded in the social sciences.
11/29/18 4:38am
With the new Assembly of International Students program, off-campus students could celebrate Thanksgiving with professors and staff members free of charge.  
11/29/18 4:13am
In an op-ed in the New York Times, Bloomberg said college advising should help more students of diverse backgrounds apply to college. He also pushed for colleges to improve financial aid.
11/29/18 4:11am
This is only the second time the application-based course is available for undergraduate students. It was originally an MBA-level course that would visit companies like Starbucks, Costco, and Amazon.
11/29/18 3:51am
The new History Student Society has two goals: to strengthen relationships between history students and faculty and to foster a greater interest in history overall on campus.  
11/29/18 3:32am
Acts of anti-Semitism have been spreading across the nation, including to other college campuses and to cities like Philadelphia.
11/29/18 3:23am
The Witte-Sakamoto Family Prize is one of many recent donations to PennDesign.
11/29/18 2:26am
While administrators say they are making efforts to reduce noise when construction starts on Dec. 3, students are still worried they will be unable to study in their buildings.
11/29/18 2:03am
The recent regulations will require full hearings, cross examinations of sexual assault victims, and will raise the standard of evidence to hold a student accused of sexual assault accountable.
11/29/18 1:50am
Students cite their packed schedules, peer stigma, and the fact that the physical CAPS space in Penn Dental is completely visible to the outside as roadblocks for student use.
11/28/18 7:34am
West Philadelphia's Christ Memorial Reformed Episcopal Church on 43rd and Chestnut was sold to a New York-based company for more than $10 million in early June.
11/28/18 5:49am
Co-sponsored by Penn Association for Gender Equity and United Minorities Council, the Celebrating Women of Color in Activism event aimed to promote solidarity among women of color as well as the intersectionality between feminism and race issues. 
11/28/18 3:17am
Building on prior research that examined class stratification and other social factors, Meredith Tamminga is specifically looking at the reasons behind changes in the pronunciation of various words.
11/28/18 1:54am
The research could reveal new information and challenge assumptions about early human history in Africa.
11/28/18 1:41am
In the email sent to Du Bois and Rodin residents, University administrators said students will hear "intermittent noise" from construction from Dec. 3 through finals week.