02/07/19 3:56am
Starting this fall, Penn will be the first Ivy League school to offer a fully online bachelor degree program. 
02/07/19 3:37am
Every week, students receive an assignment such as "make the private, public" and complete it by creating a written installation anywhere except for on a page. 
02/07/19 2:21am
On Feb. 5, the Knight Commission published “Crisis in Democracy: Renewing Trust in America,” a report on restoring public faith in news corporations. 
02/06/19 11:59pm
Penn has faced similar protests surrounding the lack of support for the Asian American Studies program.
02/06/19 5:55am
"Last Boat Out of Shanghai" tells the stories of four individuals who left Maoist China following the onset of the Chinese Communist Revolution in 1949.
02/06/19 5:47am
In February 2018, Penn announced that it would remove 1963 College graduate Steve Wynn's name from "Wynn Commons" following sexual misconduct allegations against the former Trustee.
02/06/19 4:57am
At the Penn Dems watch party in Rodin College House, attendees stressed the importance of observing the event, despite their significant policy disagreements with Trump.
02/06/19 4:12am
The Philadelphia City Council bill would prohibit cashless retail locations, forbidding stores from refusing to accept cash or from charging customers a higher price for paying with cash.
02/06/19 4:09am
“When there are larger social safety nets in place … like health care, education childcare, and job protected maternity leaves, women do not have to marry for money,” Ghodsee said. “They can actually choose their partners based on who they like rather than who will pay their rent.”
02/06/19 12:48am
Jason Levy, senior director of student center operations at Temple, said the flag shows that the school is “supportive of everybody” and “really wants students to feel comfortable here.”
02/05/19 7:44am
Panelists discussed various topics, such as the importance of self-care for working transgender people and streamlining communication by encouraging inclusive pronoun use in the classroom.
02/05/19 6:16am
Students were able to make and taste their own chili, grind their own spices, and look at some artifacts from ancient spice-making cultures. 
02/05/19 6:06am
College senior Katherine Sizov, CEO of Strella Biotechnology, won $100,000 on Feb. 1 for her startup technology. 
02/05/19 2:05am
John Casey was elected with 61 votes, ahead of runner-up Wharton sophomore Chris Cherian, who received 47 votes.
02/05/19 1:00am
Philadelphia Council-member Helen Gym proposed the resolution following startling revelations made about Kelly's life in the documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly."
02/04/19 5:31am
The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly passed an official resolution to address the lack of specific spaces for graduate and professional students on Jan. 30.
02/04/19 2:58am
In 1921, the Penn Museum bought the two horse reliefs for $125,000 from C.T. Loo – a notorious Chinese art dealer whose methods of obtaining and exporting art have come under controversy. 
02/04/19 2:52am
The clinician stationed in Huntsman Hall is now available to students for 17 hours a week, an increase from the previous 12 hours.
02/04/19 1:12am
The group hosts workshops and provides online resources to help Penn students avoid various cases of fraud.
02/03/19 10:35pm
The national Women’s March came under fire after the march's co-chairs were accused of anti-Semitism. The march has also been criticized for failing to be inclusive of all women.