12/05/18 1:50am
Members of Penn Dems greeted the news, saying Avenatti's recent domestic abuse allegations, lack of progressivism, and controversial reputation turned them off to the lawyer. 
12/04/18 3:50pm
Penn's Chabad House hosted the public menorah lighting on Monday, which was kicked off by a Penn Band performance of “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” and “O Chanukah.”
12/04/18 1:41am
The Penn Medicine London center, which opened on Nov. 19, will allow patients from the European Union to access Penn Medicine health experts. 
12/04/18 12:30am
Cohen, who received her Ph.D. from Penn in 1992, has led Weingarten since it was created in 2004 and oversaw learning resources at Penn for the three years prior. 
12/03/18 8:00pm
The Penn Police Department is the largest private police department in Pennsylvania and has the the third largest number of sworn police officers across all universities.
12/03/18 4:19am
In the days leading up to the Nov. 6 election, campus political groups focused their attention on increasing voter turnout and supporting local candidates.
12/03/18 3:10am
Egan, a well-known contemporary writer, won the Pulitzer Prize for her 2011 novel, 'A Visit from the Goon Squad' and she most recently published the book, 'Manhattan Beach.'
12/03/18 3:09am
A rough design for this new space is expected to be completed in mid-January, and a more specific timeline for the project will be determined once the design is finished. 
12/03/18 2:08am
TAMID has been popular at Penn and on college campuses throughout the country. Founded in 2008, TAMID has over 2,500 students involved in chapters on 53 campuses in the United States and abroad. 
12/02/18 11:33pm
Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Houston, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Miami preceded Philadelphia on the list, with Chicago and Orlando following.
12/02/18 6:31pm
The event also comes at a time of uncertainty surrounding the role Penn can and should play in the effort to understand and control climate change. 
12/01/18 3:26am
Penn's early decision applicant pool has been steadily growing every year since 2011. 
12/01/18 1:52am
“I wanted to be part of the celebration of the history of the college house,” Engineering freshman Ralph Tamakloe said. “It’s the 30th anniversary of the old yearbook, which is why we want to make this.”
11/30/18 9:39pm
According to the report, Penn spent over $1.37 billion on research in 2017. 
11/30/18 7:35pm
After working as a renowned archeologist, White came to Penn in 1990 to teach as a classical studies professor. He was also the curator of Penn Museum’s Mediterranean section before retiring in January 2004.
11/30/18 5:11am
The event, jointly hosted by SRFS and student group Penn First, included a presentation explaining the highly-aided term. Students were also able to ask administrators questions about the new highly-aided initiatives. 
11/30/18 4:58am
After completing all the levels of training, the dogs participating in the class will be able to take part in Penn Vet research studies that use their sense of smell to detect ovarian cancer, find artifacts, and identify bacterial biofilm infections.
11/30/18 4:25am
While the club’s official stance on legalization is nonpartisan, the marijuana industry is at an "interesting inflection point" amid shifting legalization policies nationwide.  
11/30/18 1:46am
E-cigarettes began as a way to help people quit smoking, but their popularity among teens has now led to fears of nonsmoking adolescents becoming nicotine-addicted.
11/29/18 11:53pm
In the interview, Sandra Florian discussed the “motherhood penalty," explaining that it is "in great part a result of less time spent in the labor market."