02/12/19 5:06am
Students have been able to meet foreign leaders, attend conferences in other cities, and participate in realistic policy-making simulations. 
02/12/19 1:49am
Leary's first steps as director include the creation of a nursing innovation podcast. She assumed the position Feb. 1 after working part time as an innovation specialist in the Office of Nursing Research. 
02/11/19 5:02am
There are currently only seven Penn alumni in Congress, and all of them serve in the House of Representatives.
02/11/19 4:24am
Penn prof. Kathleen Hall Jamieson’s book on Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election recently won the 2019 Reginald Robert Hawkins Award on Feb. 7.
02/11/19 3:42am
The event, attended by about two dozen undergraduate and graduate students from Penn and neighboring universities, was held as part of ShabbaTTogether, a global effort to promote mental health awareness and disability inclusion. 
02/11/19 3:33am
This spring semester alone, the library received more than 760 textbook requests from nearly 700 students using the library's resources.
02/11/19 3:09am
Submissions for the challenge — which total more than 200 ideas so far — include ideas such as hiring staff to support long-term therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services.
02/11/19 2:58am
The project was started in 2015 by Elicia Preston, a research scientist and lab manager at Murray Lab in the Perelman School of Medicine.
02/11/19 2:54am
Rev. Steven Marinucci worked at St. Agatha-St. James Church, located on Penn's campus, from 2001 to 2010.
02/10/19 11:42pm
In June 2018, the museum suspended operations because of decreased financial support from the city.
02/10/19 4:26am
Jan. 26: A theft was reported at Thai Singha House located at 3906B Chestnut St. with losses totaling more than $200. A Canada Goose jacket was stolen.
02/09/19 7:37pm
“We can't afford to just tinker around the edges — a tax credit here, a regulation there,” the former Penn Law professor said, outlining her ideology in opposition to less progressive Democrats.
02/09/19 5:11am
The woman was in a group of several other women during the incident, the freshman said, noting that another woman was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt he believes is affiliated with Penn's Kappa Alpha Theta sorority chapter.
02/09/19 2:21am
During the event, which was hosted by The Statesman, Mac Donald contended that there were no racist professors at Penn and dismissed a student account of grading discrimination among professors.
02/08/19 6:09am
While the door was technically able to close, residents needed to slam the door shut loudly, which caused a disturbance for other residents.
02/08/19 5:26am
In a recent CNN poll, 62 percent of Democratic voters said former Vice President Joe Biden should run for president.
02/08/19 4:01am
Running club founder Kyle Cassidy told the Inquirer that it took the group only 30 seconds to catch up to the suspect.
02/08/19 1:51am
After construction is finished, a turf-material field will be installed in the area, constituting what Penn's Landscape Architect said is an improvement on the previous grass space.
02/07/19 5:57am
"A Conversation on Navigating Identity and Belonging" was hosted by Interfaith Philadelphia in partnership with Penn GSE and Penn's Spiritual and Religious Life Center.
02/07/19 4:42am
The donation from the Katz Fund will help expand the program and advance the quality of the Wharton People Lab's research and development plans.