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02/16/14 7:53pm

Changing the dynamics of LGBT health

Last week, Penn Medicine announced the creation of its new Program for LGBT Health, an initiative dedicated to tailoring health care practices to the specific needs of the LGBT community.
11/06/13 6:44pm
To declare e-cigarettes a silver bullet to smoking simply because it is the lesser of two evils is to blatantly ignore the lessons we have learned from tobacco control.
02/24/13 11:00pm

How much weight you put on sleep

A recent study from the Perelman School of Medicine shows that certain nutrients may play an essential role in sleep duration and that variety in diet is associated with healthier sleeping patterns.
04/11/12 2:04am
In hindsight, I did have time. But I didn’t think it was important to make time to relax, catch up with friends, exercise and sleep.
03/22/12 10:03pm
Despite the challenges of campus life and limited options, many students still try to cook complete and nutritious meals with little time and money.
02/22/12 9:37pm
Q: I’ve really been kicking my ass at the gym since the beginning of the semester. Why aren’t I losing any weight? — Gym Fanatic*
02/01/12 8:05pm

Study finds new harm to cell phone use

Researchers are once again citing cell phone use as an obstacle to good health. But the new concern is not another type of cancer nor a fatal disease — it’s neck and back pain caused by texting and checking email on smart phones.
01/22/12 9:33pm

Penn Med study shows ingredient in Muscle Milk may treat concussions

A common nutrient found in weight training supplements such as Muscle Milk and protein powder — might be the key to successfully treating concussions, or at least speeding up the healing process.
01/17/12 10:49pm

HUP decides against limiting employment to non-smokers

While HUP considered implementing such a program last February, they ultimately decided against it because they did not see it as an effective strategy.
12/06/11 1:34am
A University of Kentucky College of Medicine professor writes a guest column on how Penn Integrates Knowledge professor Ezekiel Emanuel should lead the change in health care, starting at Penn.
12/01/11 1:32am
Vitamin C, Zicam, echinacea, Airborne, Cold FX. Should you invest in homeopathic cold preventions and remedies?
11/09/11 12:02am

Sascha Murillo | Insuring motherhood in Pennsylvania

In a guest column, a College senior writes that the state consistently fails to meet the needs of women, particularly those who are pregnant.
09/28/11 11:12pm
Michele Bachmann’s comment that the human papillomavirus vaccine causes mental retardation has done a lot of damage to America’s public health.
09/14/11 11:52pm

Sally Engelhart | The skinny on calorie counting

I’ll tell you why we really get fat. You might not like it. You probably won’t believe me either. But after reading some outstanding work by science writer Gary Taubes, I’m a die-hard believer.
09/12/11 1:13am

Rachel del Valle | Half Foods: the emptiness in nutrition

The superficial health-consciousness is troublesome. Many products benefit the companies that make them more than the consumers that buy them.
08/30/11 10:25pm

Health | Resources to care for your mind and body

The University offers a number of resources to students so they can work — and play — hard.
08/30/11 8:46pm
Located at 3940 Spruce St., the Transplant House opened July 18 as a guest house for the families and loved ones of patients receiving organ transplantation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.