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02/16/23 10:51pm
The Feb. 19 program will offer five-minute walk-in sessions for everyone interested, though it does not include CPR certification.
02/14/23 1:18pm
The DP surveyed 1,008 undergraduates — approximately 10% of the student population — and found that 68.2% said that they are sexually active.
02/13/23 11:06pm
Karikó, a professor of neurosurgery at Penn, and Weissman, a Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research, are well-known for their research into messenger RNA.
02/06/23 10:28pm
The program's format is intended to ensure intellectual diversity among the participating students, according to school administrators that the DP spoke with.
02/02/23 8:26pm
Press Ganey recognized Penn Medicine’s Apheresis Therapy Unit, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Radnor Surgery Center, and Chester County Hospital. 
02/01/23 9:20pm
The drug, lecanemab, received FDA approval on Jan. 6, after a study to assess its efficacy on volunteers concluded its third phase.
01/25/23 8:01pm
The Dowd/Sanders Wellness and Resilience Program will be offered on both Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, starting on Jan. 26. 
01/24/23 11:00pm
The Department of Health was subsequently reinspected Supremo on Jan. 23, and the Cease Operations Order remained in place.
01/19/23 9:26pm
The festivities will take place from 3 to 5 p.m. and will include activities such as open bouldering on the rock wall, bench press and free throw competitions, and a spin class.
01/18/23 9:37pm
ChatGPT, which was developed by OpenAI, can complete tasks like writing essays or code and solving math problems.
01/11/23 7:28pm
The Center for Living Donation, which opened in December, combines the former Kidney Living Donor Program, Liver Living Donor Program, and the Uterus Transplant Program.
12/11/22 2:00pm
The Penn community navigated a changing University administration, campus renovations, and student protests this year.
12/11/22 2:00pm
Beginning the spring semester with remote learning and double-masking, Penn students returned in the fall to pre-pandemic levels of restriction.
12/05/22 3:14am
The idea first stemmed from a desire to provide gender-affirming products like binders and shapewear to Penn students.
11/30/22 10:01pm
Researchers have developed a new flu vaccine that can protect against all 20 known flu subtypes and can potentially protect against new strains in the future.
11/30/22 9:35pm
The flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are on the rise following the relaxation COVID-19 prevention measures, such as social distancing and mask-wearing, according to Public Health and Wellbeing.
11/17/22 2:29am
The clinic was open to the entire Penn community and their families over the age of 16, and 61% of those who received a vaccine from the clinic were students.
11/16/22 12:25am
The grant continues a two-decade history of collaborating with local healthcare partners in the sub-Saharan African nation through the Botswana-UPenn Partnership.
11/02/22 3:06pm
The researchers, co-led by Michael Rickels, the Willard and Rhoda Ware Professor in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases in the Perelman School of Medicine, found that many patients didn’t need insulin to maintain their blood sugar for up to eight years.
11/01/22 12:40am
Volpp, a cardiac arrest survivor, won the award for his research into how cardiovascular outcomes can be impacted by certain health policies.