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Guest Columns

03/14/17 10:00pm
As faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania, we welcome efforts being made by GET-UP to unionize the graduate student workers (GSWs) in our university.
03/12/17 9:45pm
I scrolled through Penn’s career plans survey report: “Financial Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Finance Analyst, Analyst, Database Analyst,” read the first five results under the section for economics majors (really, you can go and look for yourself). A lump hardened in my throat.
02/28/17 9:15pm
Benjamin Franklin argued for the importance of free discourse by noting “that when Truth and Error have fair Play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter.” Considering the administration’s opaque decision on fossil fuel divestment, Penn is not living up to its founder’s values.
02/13/17 10:25pm
As the Spring semester continues to unfold, there are a number of changes that we, as students, are confronted with.
02/12/17 10:55pm
As a member of a community that prides itself for being at the forefront of the progressive, intellectual movement and someone who recognizes the real harms of socio-economic privilege, I feel compelled to respond to the article.
02/10/17 11:09am
As the leaders of Penn’s largest political organization, the Government & Politics Association, we decided not to co-sponsor the March for Immigrants held to condemn President Trump’s recent string of executive orders.
02/01/17 10:07pm
During his campaign, Trump made a statement that all Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S.
01/31/17 11:08pm
On the dawn of the Asian American Studies (ASAM) Program’s 20th Anniversary, founding faculty member, Dr. Grace Kao, has accepted an offer from Yale and is poised to leave.
12/11/16 10:25pm
Blaming “self-segregation” on minority groups is nothing new. To call out greek life, “similar cultural groups” and Du Bois College house as examples of widespread “self-segregation” is something that we need to think more critically about.
12/05/16 10:31pm

Guest column by Michaela Kotziers | Classroom politics: A letter to professors

Two weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to the English faculty about addressing current events in classroom spaces.
11/30/16 10:50pm

Rashad | What is left of a demolished home

This past month, Israel’s Execution and Collection Authority approved plans to demolish the homes of 20 Palestinians living in the Southern Negev to make way for a new Jewish town.
11/21/16 9:47pm
“I’m sorry. I understand you’re frustrated, but it’s the policy,” said the financial aid advisor at Student Financial Services.
11/16/16 2:01pm

Guest column by Steven Sun | Being stronger than the internet trolls irl

Based on my news feed, there’s been a lot more fear and stress at Penn than the usual. Some of it comes from Trump’s election, and some from the validation of bigotry some believe his election stands for.
11/15/16 9:05pm

Guest Column by Barbara D. Savage and Camille Z. Charles | On Recent Attacks on Black Students at Penn

The horrific racist attack targeting black students at Penn reminds us that we are living in an age of demagoguery that is not soon to end.
11/14/16 11:22pm

Guest column by Tunmise Fawole | Don't be an 'Ally' Be an Ally.

This past week has been one of the most difficult weeks of my life. Between the results of the election, the lives of members of the black freshman community being threatened, along with countless other acts of racism, islamophobia, homophobia, and xenophobia, I’m sad about the state of America.
11/13/16 5:52pm

Guest column by Loujeine Boutar | Reactions to the election by a student from Tunisia: I understand

Reaction of a Student from Tunisia: I Understand I am from Tunisia. I am part of a group that Trump does not want in this country.
11/13/16 5:51pm

Guest column by Jennifer Dailey | An open letter to our President-Elect from a fellow Penn alumnus

Dear Mr. Trump,  You don’t know me and will likely never agree to meet me, despite my intense desire to sit down and speak with you.
11/06/16 11:47pm
Last Friday, President Amy Gutmann and Vice Provost Vincent Price emailed Penn faculty, students and staff to announce the creation of a new Task Force charged with combating sexual harassment and sexual violence. In the email sent out at 5:22 p.m. on Friday night, Gutmann and Price explained that the goal of the entity is to focus “collective attention and understanding on how best to promote a respectful and healthy campus environment and to ensure that students and their parents and guardians are aware of the high-risk behaviors – many of which violate University policy and would result in sanctions for a recognized student organization – engaged in by these groups.” While we commend university efforts, we believe that creating yet another task force, this time to target off-campus organizations, is not the sole answer.
11/04/16 8:57pm

Guest column by Ian Jeong, Cody Smith and Sean Collins | When they try to "explain" away the gay

This week Jeremiah Keenan reminded the Penn community of the question on whether people are really born gay or not (he forgot to mention other identities often roped with gayness like the L-B-T-Q-I-A of the queer alphabet). It came to us as a surprise because this issue seemed settled with the release of Lady Gaga’s iconic 2011 single — "Born This Way.” He attacks the central theme of her song, which is that “It doesn't matter if you love him or capital H-I-M ... 'Cause you were born this way, baby."
11/03/16 8:50pm

Guest column by Ajjit Narayanan | Building community

Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with a few organizations in West and South Philly, including Penn for Youth Debate, Urban Tree Connection, and HIAS.