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Guest Columns

04/24/19 7:40pm
If they allow the PBC to close down in the next month, this would send a pointed message to undergraduates across countless departments that our academic passions must take a backseat to profit.
04/18/19 2:58pm
We invited Candace Owens because of the hope and strength she represents for individuals who suffer social ostracisation because of different political beliefs. She is willing to “fall on a sword a thousand times” for her communities, her causes, and the truth.
04/17/19 10:50am
 If we truly want to make any strides toward resolving the policy issues we care about — and I think we do — we cannot continue to enable these provocative distractions from genuine discourse. 
04/10/19 2:42pm
At the time of booking, we made a choice that we thought satisfied a lot of our criteria and the interest of Penn students. With the discovery of the allegations against Miguel, we were disappointed to think that we let our peers down, but also found it important to still support all of those involved in the planning of this event.
04/09/19 9:43pm
So, what can a Penn student do to be a better ally and promote autism acceptance? In good news, there’s a lot. 
04/03/19 9:14pm
I was fully ready to commit 150% of my time to this title; unfortunately, I found that, although this was a significant part of my Penn experience, it mattered less to others.
03/31/19 9:06pm
We are humbled and excited to have the opportunity to lead the Undergraduate Assembly next year.
03/24/19 7:15pm
Our University though, is only as good as its people. It remains the obligation of all of us to stay engaged. We all have a stake in this endeavor known as the University of Pennsylvania.  
03/19/19 7:17pm
The idea of running an election can seem daunting — having to gather names on a petition, setting up a social media campaign, not to mention going out and getting votes — but I would encourage you to take the leap if you are even remotely thinking about doing so. 
03/19/19 6:38pm
We all know life isn’t fair, and nobody has ever claimed the college admission process is just. 
03/18/19 8:02pm
Here, we get a free Penn Athletics t-shirt, a blue water bottle, and the utmost pride that comes with competing with Penn across our chests. 
02/13/19 3:12pm
A Penn alumnus can enact social change in education reform without sending their children to public school.
02/10/19 8:05pm
Mac Donald may not see or understand how racism exists today, but we sure do.
02/07/19 5:04pm
Above all else, cherish and enjoy your remaining time at Penn as an undergraduate. The finish line is in sight! 
02/04/19 6:24pm
In this new era of deep polarization, it is crucial that we maintain moral integrity.
02/03/19 8:03pm
I don’t claim to be an expert on LGBTQ healthcare, but the fact still stands that important aspects of our education as caretakers are being allowed to fall by the wayside.
01/22/19 6:33pm
We ask that you engage, that you speak up, and that you let us know what is on your mind and how Penn can be improved. 
12/11/18 5:29pm
Lower patient-to-nurse ratios have been shown to decrease the risk of patient death in the hospital by 14 percent.
11/26/18 1:58pm
As a Central American voice on campus, we feel we must impress the gravity of an issue that continues to affect our community. 
11/20/18 5:57pm
Write full-time after graduation or never write at all is a melodramatic binary.