Staff Editorials

10/29/15 4:14am
The mayoral race is pretty much over. Tuesday is Election Day and almost everyone knows that Jim Kenney, the Democratic candidate, is going to win.
10/27/15 2:46pm
For over a year now, Bill Cosby has been the subject of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct.
10/25/15 10:03pm
Penn should either end the useless bag-checking at our libraries or take the responsibility seriously – because right now, there is no point.
10/22/15 3:45am
There aren’t many surprises in Career Services’ annual compilation of Penn undergraduates’ top employers.
10/20/15 4:21am
We need to create a culture where taking a break is seen as a positive — because for many people it is. That starts with accepting this fact: A leave of absence is not a failure; it is a step toward success.
10/15/15 4:08am
Earlier this week, The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that Penn President Amy Gutmann’s salary has reached an all-time high of nearly $3.5 million.
10/13/15 3:57am
The sector requirements seem to focus more on Sector VIII: The Navigation of Bureaucracy, rather than on actually giving students a well-rounded liberal arts education.
10/06/15 5:29am
The freedom from feeling upset, it seems, now trumps the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press on many American college campuses. The most egregious example might be the furor engendered by an op-ed titled, “Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think,” published in Wesleyan University’s student newspaper.
09/25/15 8:13pm
There is no shortage of horrifying statistics in the latest report on sexual assault at Penn, released Monday as part of a national survey across 27 universities.
09/22/15 10:05pm
On Friday, Penn administrators met with students pushing for mental health changes on campus. And, encouragingly, the University seemed receptive to the proposed changes.
09/17/15 4:15am
The University said that it will be meeting with the letter’s student signatories in the coming days. We hope that when they do, it will be to start a serious discussion about the recommendations in the letter.
09/10/15 3:52am
Through the Campaign for Community and Open Expression Monitors, Penn is trying to create a safe space where we can have productive discussions about issues as complex and controversial as police brutality and racial discrimination. Now it’s up to us to take advantage of that space.
08/28/15 4:15pm
In light of serious mental health problems on campus, it’s heartening to see Penn administrators addressing mental health with transparency to incoming freshmen.
04/30/15 3:31am
A mayor cannot immediately bring about dramatic changes in our lives. But as the leading political figure of the city, he or she will have immense influence on how the city is run for the next four years, which, for better or worse, indirectly affects the course of our university’s future as well.
04/27/15 3:58am
While some may follow Penn’s lead and assume that since both contain the word “Africa” they must be similar enough to simply be merged into one, this thinking is unfounded and wrong. This oversimplified reasoning serves as yet another example of the suppression and the overgeneralization of black voices in the world, and within our own University.
04/23/15 4:17am
Change in an institution as old and large as Penn does not always come quickly, but it does come. The University should be working to ensure LPS stays competitive for nontraditional students, which to date it has done a commendable job on.
04/13/15 4:01am
We need to question whether living with those who are like you is useful. Of course, it’s nice to live with a community of those with whom you self-identity. But we also must ask whether this contributes to a groupthink culture, and homogenizes discourse.
04/06/15 1:48am
The turnout for the recent Undergraduate Assembly elections was just 39 percent, down from last year’s 54 percent.
03/30/15 4:02am
While candidates for positions throughout the UA argued about the success and implementation of projects, espousing their special connections with various administrators, we — and many others — remain unconvinced that he UA has any significant sway with Penn's administrators.
03/26/15 6:09am
To participate properly, the UA, its members and — most of all — its president need to be representative of the entire undergraduate student body.