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03/10/20 6:07pm
Penn students, particularly those who hail from other countries or low-income backgrounds, deserve answers about how coronavirus will affect University life.  
03/04/20 9:52pm
Penn professors and academic departments should be more lenient about sick days, both with class and on-campus jobs, so students can better self-isolate in case of illness.
03/01/20 10:50pm
Given that the players and coaches who will lose those championships did not commit any violations, the NCAA’s current sanctions are reprehensible.
02/26/20 10:37pm
If Penn is willing to offer a postponement policy during the final exam period—a period that, by design, gives students extra time to study—the University should offer the same policy during a crowded midterm season. 
02/23/20 10:50pm
Rather than relying on symbolism alone, the University should honor Du Bois’ legacy by taking tangible steps to improve the lives of students of color.  
02/19/20 10:53pm
In the wake of Milken’s pardon, Wharton must implement stricter ethics requirements to directly address white-collar crimes and avoid future incidents of criminal alumni. 
02/16/20 8:23pm
Those who rely on this supermarket deserve to know the timeline of installing its replacement. 
02/12/20 11:20pm
While Penn’s choices of commencement speakers over the last four decades reflect an unfortunate lack of diversity, this year's choice of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shows Penn leaning toward more progressive and diverse candidates.
02/09/20 8:18pm
Students should recognize the historic value of the Palestra and attend games to give support to Penn's basketball teams.
02/05/20 9:01pm
Penn fails its students, faculty, staff, and alumni by investing its multi-billion endowment in ways that will likely provide a lower financial return than it could with fossil fuel divestment.  
02/02/20 8:58pm
Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for many candidates associated with Penn in the 2020 primary and general elections. The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board recommends picking none of them. 
01/29/20 11:10pm
The University should offer more courses, and a variety of them, that fulfill each sector or foundational requirement to make it easier for undergraduates to explore different topics throughout their time at Penn.
01/26/20 10:29pm
Someone can be a Greek life member and think that Locust Walk should represent more diverse interests. 
01/22/20 10:25pm
Penn Dining should make meal swipes more useful to students by accepting them in more locations and letting them roll over from semester to semester. 
01/20/20 7:00pm
Instead of passively lamenting Trump’s Penn affiliation, students should use impeachment as an opportunity to fight for policies they believe in. 
01/14/20 9:25pm
Campus groups should learn from Greek life and work to strengthen their internal cultures so they can provide more outlets for finding a community at Penn.
12/10/19 7:32pm
Penn should extend the current need-blind application process for students in the United States, Canada, and Mexico to LPS and international applicants. 
12/08/19 11:25pm
Penn must pay workers the living wage that they deserve and that is now mandated by the city.
12/05/19 2:49am
It is incumbent upon Penn students to hold the consulting firm accountable and refuse to participate in its recruiting in the future.
12/01/19 10:41pm
This holiday season, donate belongings that no longer bring you any use to not only reduce the waste we produce, but also so someone else in need can stay warm this winter.