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Editorials represent the majority view of members of The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. Editorial Board, which meets regularly to discuss issues relevant to Penn's campus. Participants in these meetings are not involved in the reporting and writing of articles on related topics.

02/22/21 9:07pm
The Editorial Board argues that new dean of admissions Whitney Soule must promote admissions policies that increase socioeconomic diversity at Penn.
02/17/21 9:50pm
The University’s attempt to build a strong second-year experience is laudable, especially in light of the uncertainty created by COVID-19. However, making housing and dining choices on behalf of students does not accomplish this goal.
02/10/21 8:18pm
The Editorial Board argues that Penn students have to change the campus culture around COVID-19, otherwise the future of the semester may be in jeopardy.
02/03/21 11:19pm
Penn continues to mistreat subcontracted workers, despite their necessity in keeping campus operational and the community safe.
02/02/21 6:56pm
Despite an email from deans stressing not to take classes pass/fail except for the most strenuous of circumstances, the Editorial Board argues that the decision to pass/fail a course is not Penn's, and should not be discounted because of potential professional repercussions.
01/27/21 9:48pm
Penn’s decision to bring students back to campus generated negative reactions from many West Philadelphia residents. To mitigate the damage, the University must take steps to increase access to medical care, allow open communication, and solicit genuine feedback from the surrounding community.
01/20/21 6:28pm
Penn's first-years have returned to campus, but issues with partying and possible COVID-19 spread threaten the in-person semester the Penn community wants.
01/06/21 11:26pm
The least the University can do is distance itself from its most famous graduate and set the record straight: Donald Trump may have earned his degree from Penn, but he represents the antithesis of the University's values and the fact-based pursuit of reason for which this school stands.
12/10/20 12:56am
The problems from this calendar year won't go away on Jan. 1, 2021. But better days are ahead.
12/03/20 10:40pm
Penn should take a cue from the recent events surrounding spring break and put greater emphasis on student and faculty feedback when making important choices.
11/26/20 12:59am
When possible, Penn students should avoid coming back to campus after Thanksgiving, and should instead stay home for the rest of the semester. 
11/22/20 10:20pm
Undoubtedly, Penn's donation is a step in the right direction. But it is just that: a step.
11/17/20 8:29am
Enforcing this deadline so soon places enormous pressure on students to make a housing decision quickly. 
11/12/20 12:06am
It is certainly understandable that many upperclassmen want or need to return to campus, owing to mental health deterioration, unsafe home environments, or being locked into off-campus leases. However, nobody should feel pressured to do so.
11/08/20 11:18pm
Students should not see a Biden victory as a reason to disengage from politics. Rather, they should devote themselves to the many areas where there is still work to be done. 
11/02/20 10:20pm
Over the past year, Penn's administration has made a number of hard choices that have faced substantial student backlash. However, its decision to not suspend operations on Election Day ranks among its worst.
10/27/20 2:54pm
Over eight months ago, we endorsed Bernie Sanders for president in the midst of the Democratic primary season. Now, we urge Penn community members to cast their ballot for Joe Biden in the general election.
10/26/20 9:53pm
While much attention has been paid to the presidential race, far less heralded are local issues, including four ballot questions. Here's how The Daily Pennsylvanian Editorial Board recommends handling the questions.
10/22/20 3:37pm
For the sake of its student body and those in the West Philadelphia community, Penn must do everything in its power to fight food insecurity and kick hunger off-campus. 
10/16/20 2:18pm
In light of the economic harm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Penn students must do their part and support local businesses when they can.