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05/10/24 12:58pm
Approximately 33 individuals were arrested at the encampment early Friday morning, a University spokesperson wrote to The Daily Pennsylvanian. As of 9:05 a.m., all individuals had been released.
05/02/24 1:35am
Many students on campus had previously considered Mark's Café to be subject to theft from students, and the new machines require payment before accessing the item.
04/09/24 12:46am
Samuel Woodward, the man accused of murdering Bernstein, will go to trial on Tuesday.
02/23/24 6:53pm
Penn Police and law enforcement concluded that the threat was "not credible," with DPS stating that several other institutions across the country received an identical message. 
02/21/24 9:23pm
Scooters are currently banned from campus housing due to their classification as a fire hazard, prompting students to voice displeasure with the regulations.
02/08/24 7:57pm
The court heard oral arguments about Trump's eligibility to hold presidential office, with many justices appearing skeptical of multiple aspects of Colorado’s decision.
02/05/24 12:03am
Various city officials have claimed that Act 40 is trying to undercut the voices of Philadelphia voters who elected Krasner.
01/30/24 11:42pm
Pryor was cooperative during the arrest and was immediately taken to the Homicide Unit.
01/25/24 12:22am
Police believe that the prisoner left the area within an hour after being picked up by an accomplice.
01/18/24 1:36am
Parker's first executive order aimed to reduce crime and violence in Philadelphia.
11/29/23 12:56am
DPS wrote in the UpennAlert on their website that the suspect had fled from Philadelphia police officers while they were in the process of “effecting an arrest warrant."
11/17/23 1:17am
Roughly 40 Starbucks workers picketed outside the Starbucks at 39th and Walnut street, leading to the shutdown of the store down for the day
11/15/23 3:15am
Penn Police Deputy Chief of Investigations Michael Morrin told the protestors that they would be arrested if they did not leave the building and gave them a 30-minute warning before arrests would begin. 
11/10/23 12:01pm
The incident took place at approximately 5:15 p.m. on Oct. 28, and Penn Police were notified of the theft and responded at 7:28 p.m., DPS said. 
11/09/23 1:05am
DPS announced their decision to double down on these safety measures last year, although the policies were initially created in 2014.
11/07/23 12:02am
Philadelphia will choose its 100th Mayor, either Republican David Oh or Democrat Cherelle Parker.
11/01/23 1:58am
Penn's Office of Audit, Compliance, and Privacy website provides information regarding online harassment and how community members can receive support. 
10/26/23 10:35pm
Nicolas O’Rourke, Kendra Brooks, Isaiah Thomas, and Nina Ahmad spoke at the event about their platforms ahead of the Nov. 7 election. 
10/01/23 11:34pm
The new policy details numerous adjustments to how human remains are presented and used throughout the Museum and University settings.
09/28/23 10:29pm
As part of the fair, PennReady will conduct a sprinkler test at 11:30 a.m., which consists of a side-by-side simulated burn of two residential rooms.