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Opinion Columns

02/07/12 12:48am
While Penn claims on its housing website that college houses “stand at the center of the Penn undergraduate experience … to form shared communities,” the system fundamentally fails to achieve this mission due to a lack of political and financial commitment from the administration.
02/07/12 12:45am
While most mothers forbade us from leaving our homes in pajamas during our tweenage years, in college there is no fashion police.
02/06/12 3:42am
The Super Bowl is the cultural equivalent to a movie like Avatar — it’s not about the quality of the content — it’s about the spectacle, the event.
02/03/12 12:07am
If you know you won’t be passionate about a job in finance or consulting but plan on joining the 52 percent of Penn graduates who go into these fields anyway, this column is also for you.
02/02/12 11:59pm
When you elected us, you had faith that we would represent you. That conviction is now a little hazy.
02/02/12 12:11am
The consequences of sex-gone-wrong have become an epidemic among college students in the United States.
02/01/12 3:09am

Ruben Gur | BDS is 'hateful', 'discriminatory'

I read with amazement the Guest Column by Penn BDS Conference organizers, BDS Explained. I could barely believe my eyes.
02/01/12 1:42am
Art can and should be political.
02/01/12 1:33am
When the government or another authority continually steps in as a virtuous purveyor of wisdom, it creates a culture that prevents personal responsibility.
01/31/12 1:58am
Just a few months ago, I was complicit in On-Campus Recruiting. As suits traipse into interview rooms this week, I think it’s time to examine this tradition of competition through its history and recent critiques.
01/31/12 1:49am
In an increasingly competitive landscape, students should arm themselves with as many languages as possible.
01/30/12 1:14am
It’s no secret that flaunting sex appeal is a prerequisite for being a pop star. But there’s a fine line between owning your attractiveness and being eclipsed by it.
01/30/12 1:09am
Luckily, my encounter on Saturday left me with minimal injury, but I learned one thing — that the Bystander Effect is very much alive.
01/27/12 1:46am
Penn students are eager to integrate themselves into the community and ensure that things change for the better. But it’s time to also gather momentum in combating an issue of life and death.
01/27/12 1:43am
Although I do not ever intend to be the national spokesperson for Abstinence America, I do not see anything wrong with the campus promoting this ideal as much as they do contraceptives at the Penn Women’s Center or the LGBT Center.
01/25/12 11:54pm
We are actually happier when we have limited options.
01/24/12 11:48pm
Until last night when I went to see Will, I had never thought of puzzle making as a creative endeavor.
01/24/12 11:42pm
I may be a disillusioned music-purist who needs to face the music, but I see a troubling trend that is set to ruin an art form I revere greatly.
01/24/12 12:56am
With every basement encounter, we fall further and further from engaging each other in a meaningful way. More often than not, you don’t even face your partner.
01/24/12 12:50am
We don’t spend $50,000 a year over four years just to read textbooks and have our beliefs reinforced. We want to hear brilliant opinions and arguments from our professors.