Opinion Columns

01/25/18 1:30pm
There is a performative component to stress culture which only compounds the problem. 
01/24/18 1:30pm
Throughout my high school and college years, I’ve listened helplessly as friends and acquaintances have described encounters with their own Azizs, and I’ve cried to them when I had my own.
01/23/18 2:00pm
Too many of us made high achievement an identifying factor of who we are as people. After that part of us dissipated, we also lost some of our goals and were lured in by money and prestige.
01/22/18 1:00pm
Du Bois welcomes all cultures and all types of people to live in its building. It isn’t simply limited to those who are black, Hispanic, or Asian.
01/18/18 6:13am
Perhaps it is a way to connect with like-heritage students in a school teeming with people from every corner of the globe. Maybe, it is just a way to look cool.
01/18/18 5:30am
While I empathize with students who are just trying to get the highest grades possible, they should not do so at the expense of students who did not have access to these higher-level high school courses.
01/18/18 5:04am
As for Penn, it’s a safe bet that none of us students knew exactly what we were signing up for. Still, as with any new path, we signed up for possibility. 
01/18/18 4:10am
 The smartphone has gone from being used as a communication device to more of a crutch. We use our phones to avoid making eye contact with people on Locust Walk, in line at the grocery store, and in the elevator.
01/15/18 2:06am
Like editing an essay, reinventing doesn’t mean that we’re erasing everything we had before. We are tweaking it, refining it, uncovering the original spark hidden in the chaotic mind. 
01/11/18 5:18pm
It is a challenge to think about jumping into the swamp that so many are shouting about draining. But, members of the Penn community are precisely the sorts of individuals that America needs now.
01/09/18 5:35pm
GPAs in college do not reflect how smart we are. They’re designed to reflect how much we are willing to work for each class.
01/08/18 5:35pm
An online world of people seeking sex with no strings attached, waiting to pass judgement on our appearances, can be toxic.
12/13/17 1:41am
If we insist on viewing time as ours, then we have to acknowledge that we’ve never misplaced a single second; only put it somewhere it’s a little more difficult to show off on a plaque.
12/13/17 1:31am
Letting what others do bother you, and critiquing them for it, is less productive than observing and understanding.
12/12/17 1:46am
Students should have adequate breaks that enable them to de-stress and process everything that has happened since the beginning of the year.
12/12/17 1:05am
The fall semester is just about to end and a lot has happened that has left lasting impressions and changes on this campus.
12/12/17 1:05am
Our neglect to take responsibility for our contribution to the toxic parts of Penn is what allows it to persist.
12/12/17 1:04am
The drive to create some sort of legacy, though often expressed in unusual ways, stems from a common desire to remember and be remembered.
12/11/17 2:15am
Especially at Penn, we’re trying our hardest to cram as much as we possibly can in the four years we’re here, or at least we’re trying to make something of ourselves.
12/11/17 2:14am
You should not and do not need to believe that Penn is perfect. You should not love it unconditionally. You only need to love it enough to believe that it is worth saving.