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Opinion Columns

09/29/09 10:47pm

Lindsey Stull | Strengthening shoulders

The Internet has changed research journals, and it's time to comprehensively adapt the system.
09/28/09 4:18am

Heidi Khaled | The pains of emotional labor

A service-industry trend toward aloofness is becoming just as draining as forced niceness
09/28/09 4:11am

Editorial | Artful Dodging

The proposed art tax is a too-quick fix at the end of a long budget negotiation
09/25/09 2:29am

Sally Engelhart | When opinion doesn’t evolve with science

It’s at times like this that I’m proud to call myself Canadian.
09/25/09 2:27am

Katherine Rea | Too much artistic license

Performing arts and intellectual attractions don’t just promote cultural appreciation — on a more practical level, these activities get people out in the community and allow time with family and friends in some good wholesome fun
09/23/09 4:30am

Emerson Brooking | Penn, pandemic and you

The University has myriad preventive measures planned, but not panicking is key.
09/19/09 12:43am

Rohini Venkatraman | When less doesn't mean more

Facebook Lite decreases our networking skills even further
09/19/09 12:42am

Katherine Rea | A preventable debate

Focusing more energy, and funding, toward preventive care would save money in the long run
09/18/09 12:33am

Dennie Zastrow | Who's the real David?

Both students and independent booksellers are suffering, and Penn could help out
09/18/09 12:30am

Arielle Kane | A frighteningly great craze

From 'Twilight' to 'True Blood,' vampires are everywhere these days
09/17/09 12:28am

Emerson Brooking | Finding a way to keep NSO (and students) safe

Like in time immemorial, New Student Orientation 2009 saw campus late-night explode into life as Beige Block teemed and Wawa boomed.
09/17/09 12:26am

Ashley Takacs | Taking the 'High' road

Philadelphia can apply elements of NYC's High Line Park's success to a Chinatown project
09/15/09 4:13am

Jonathan Wright | Tackling diversity in multiple dimensions

The trend toward class diversity reflects the new nat’l landscape
09/15/09 4:10am

Lindsey Stull | Alternative Summer Break

Taking on an unusual challenge during summer break often is a more enriching experience
09/15/09 12:23am

Lauren Burdette | Navigating the Beltway

Penn's high-achievement mentality often distorts how we look at our futures
09/15/09 12:22am

Heidi Khaled | Welcome to the neighborhood

Becoming a part of West Philadelphia is an integral part of being at Penn
09/12/09 12:16am

Sally Engelhart | A little flab provides some food for thought

Don't stress - the Freshman 15 might not be all that bad
09/12/09 12:14am

Katherine Rea | The value of public education

The California budget's impact on higher ed reminds us that education can't come cheap