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Opinion Columns

11/12/10 4:35am

Penn Name | Same-day solution

In most states, eligible voters are required to register several weeks to a month in advance of Election Day. To make voting easier, Pennsylvania should consider allowing same-day voter registration.
11/11/10 6:19am

Scientifically Blonde | Mixing business with psychology

I'm impressed by behavioral investing — a field of commerce that mixes psychology and finance — and was shocked to find myself thinking that i-banking might actually be pretty cool.
11/11/10 6:16am

Smart Alec | Fund real interculturalism

I urge the new leadership of the minority coalitions to at least divest themselves of sole control of the Intercultural Fund and work with the University to use that money to promote true interculturalism.
11/10/10 5:01am

Say Anything | Liz Lemon: grad speaker

Perhaps you’ve seen the Facebook group aimed at getting professional funny lady Tina Fey to our graduation. I am hopeful that we can get Fey here.
11/09/10 5:21am

Ryu's Clues | 'Harry Potter' and the value of print

Our generation might love multimedia platforms, but what Harry Potter taught its readers in more than 4,000 pages over nearly 10 years was the value of paper books.
11/08/10 2:08am

Wiki-Pedia | Bridging the gap with Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can’t be the only time when Americans and international students get together. Events should aim to bring all students together rather than to isolate one group from the other.
11/08/10 2:01am

The Sooner, The Better | JFK’s call for service

John F. Kennedy was elected President 50 years ago today. Though we tend to over-amplify JFK’s influence, we can still learn a lot from our 35th President — particularly his call for service.
11/05/10 3:47am

Lu-stick To The Point | College now, business school later

There are benefits to a well-rounded liberal arts education and a master’s of business administration can provide even better opportunities than an undergraduate business degree can.
11/05/10 3:33am

Penn Name | All you need is love?

Dating used to be a common phenomenon in college. Yet, it seems that college has become a four-year break, totally devoid of romance, between crush-filled high school and date-filled adulthood.
11/04/10 4:45am

Truth Be Told | Michelle Obama rally missed the mark

After seeing the election results, as much as Michelle Obama’s presence at Penn may have helped the Democratic ticket, it may have stung just a little too.
11/04/10 4:41am

Smart Alec | An alternative aid model

Penn could implement need-blind admission for international students if it really wanted to. All it would need to do is roll back no-loan financial aid.
11/03/10 3:02am

Amanda Please | Not too parentally attached

Yes, we talk to our parents more now than our professors did when they went to college. But that doesn’t hinder our ability to succeed — if anything, it keeps us grounded.
11/03/10 2:47am

Ad-Libs | Illegal downloading isn’t going away

Music labels should attempt to embrace technology and develop methods in which they can still be compensated.
11/02/10 4:24am

Southern Comfort | Rally to Restore Sanity: the joke’s on us

I’m not going to offer a pithy recap or make a pun about “Sanity and/or Fear.” Instead, I want to tell you why the rally wasn’t important. And I want to tell you why it was.
11/01/10 4:23am

Cosmopoli-Tanvi | Fix customer service

If customer service in medicine doesn’t exist at the point of treatment in HUP or elsewhere in the United States, then patients will take their business to other places that charge lower prices and provide infinitely better care.
11/01/10 4:16am

The Sooner, The Better | Calm down about politics

We should all calm down about politics because there are bigger issues. Even after the “hope” of Obama’s 2008 victory, Muslims, gays, Latinos and, yes, still blacks and women are harassed on a daily basis.
10/28/10 2:45am

Smart Alec | It doesn't get better

The response to the slew of bullying-linked suicides has been a touching nationwide movement to send messages to teenagers that “it gets better.” Pity, then, that it simply isn’t true.
10/28/10 2:07am

Scientifically Blonde | Hardwired to fear the paranormal

Even though there’s no real proof that paranormal phenomena exist, there’s a good scientific reason why we can’t shake these feelings. A leading theory is that irrational fears are scientific in nature — simply a product of evolution.
10/27/10 3:16am

Say Anything | (Un)dressing for Halloween

There isn't anything wrong with being next to naked on Halloween, should that be your costume of choice. My issue is with the fact it’s practically impossible to find an acceptable alternative.
10/27/10 3:06am

Ad-Libs | A Four Loko ban at colleges is loco

Four Loko is made up of materials commonly found in energy drinks, but also contains 12% alcohol. Although its content and marketing does make it a concern, there is no reason to ban it altogether.