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Opinion Columns

09/14/10 3:35am

Ryu's Clues | TFA: more than cocktail party stories

For Teach for America alumni who leave the education field, what they learn during the two years can still make a difference.
09/14/10 3:32am

Berry Nice | Worth it despite the mice

Despite the supposed inconvenience of having to cook my own meals, sort my own mail and call my own plumber when need be, moving off campus was one of the best decisions I ever made.
09/13/10 3:07am

Cosmopoli-Tanvi | Around the world in a post-grad gap year

Penn students are missing out on the “gap year” in its truest form: soul-searching during exciting travels, meeting best friends and crazies alike and having free-wheeling and carefree adventures.
09/13/10 3:00am

The Sooner, The Better | #Hoping for real dialogue

Twitter’s rules of engagement oversimplify our political discourse. When it comes to dialogue on challenging and complicated issues, Twitter falls flat.
09/10/10 2:56am

Hassall-free Friday | Confessions of a non-voter

Show me that not expressing my preferences can cost me, and that voting can bring me benefits, and I’ll carve out some time to do so.
09/10/10 2:51am

Penn Name | Mind over (digital) matter

It turns out technology is harming our health. Even in this digitally advanced age, we shouldn’t become compromised by our gadgets.
09/08/10 10:47pm

Truth Be Told | A melting pot of medical students

Though it would be nice to be known as the “most diverse medical school class in the nation’s history,” my class shouldn't be a flash in the pan phenomenon.
09/08/10 10:41pm

Smart Alec | Not all about the Benjamin

We must throw off our reliance on Benjamin Franklin and replace it with acknowledgements of the extraordinary people we educate and the exceptional research we foster.
08/05/10 1:04pm

Cynthia Ip | Release your ‘inner geek’

Designing for web is no longer just for professionals. It’s a skill that you should have for your extracurriculars and your resume.
08/05/10 1:00pm

Jim Saksa | A man in a woman’s world

Yes, girls can do math. Yes, women have a role outside the kitchen. No, they’re not smarter than men.
07/29/10 2:40am

Jared McDonald | Donkeys and elephants and Penn — oh my!

It was a zoo out there in 2008, when I first showed up on campus, mattress pad and shower caddy in tow. For Penn’s Class of 2014, however, freshman fall might be a whole new animal. Or no animal at all.
07/29/10 2:39am

Lara Seligman | Femme but not quite fatale

Women may be better educated and more desirable in the workplace, but those traits don't translate to success in the professional world.
07/22/10 3:14am

Prameet Kumar | Broadband for Broad Street

Municipal broadband was a failure the first time. It’s even more disappointing that there won’t be a second try to implement it.
07/22/10 3:06am

Sam Bieler | Lower drinking age will lead to lowered drinks

When 18-year-olds can legally purchase alcohol, buying and consuming alcohol becomes less exciting
07/15/10 3:18am

Alec Webley | Embrace whimsy with eight legs

Paul the Octopus stands for not just taking trivial things trivially, but for approaching them with a sense of whimsy and a delight in the absurd.
07/15/10 3:07am

Sarah Ryu | Does work have to be meaningful?

Optimism makes our generation idealistic when searching for work.
07/08/10 2:55am

Maggie Rusch | Pairing innovation with preservation

Penn’s recent and upcoming campus renovations are at best incongruous, and at worst, an eyesore.
07/08/10 2:50am

Sam Bieler | Trading Spaces: Beijing edition

Confident that I had no desire to study abroad, I planned a double major that would keep me on campus. Then I took a summer job as intern in an American law firm in Beijing, and realized I had made a huge mistake.
06/24/10 4:26am

Prameet Kumar | Punk is so last century

The edupunk movement is misguided. Not all corporate influences on education are damaging.
06/24/10 4:03am

Matt Amalfitano | Tackling Penn takes ‘GUTS'

Penn is like a giant episode of Global GUTS. Instead of physical challenges, we wade across our tidal wave pool of classes, Tarzan-swing through our acappella groups and navigate the elastic jungle of Greek life.