03/27/18 5:37am
The new guidelines, the first version of which were first introduced just days before the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year, were only officially adopted this month.
03/27/18 1:39am
The first Campus Conversation was hosted by Penn's administration last October in response to a string of student deaths, natural disasters, and political instability. 
03/26/18 1:37am
MERT's hour-long mass casualty incident drill allows the student EMTs to practice responding to large-scale trauma. 
03/25/18 11:35pm
The Accessibility Mapping Project launched last month using data collected from around campus and drawing on its creator's own academic research, which delves into issues of disability in Japan. 
03/25/18 5:26pm
This marks a considerable shift from the University's previous policy, which stated that sexual relations were only prohibited "during the period of the teacher-student relationship."
03/24/18 12:00pm
The Grave Gardeners have been working with the greenhouse since February to grow historically-accurate plants for the various graves.
03/23/18 4:05pm
Organized largely by Facilities and Real Estate Services, the new Shop Penn brand includes all retailers, restaurants, and business located in Penn-owned buildings throughout campus.
03/23/18 1:00am
The panelists discussed how Penn could more effectively interact with the broader public, touching on issues such as technology and learning, economic inequality, and engagement with West Philadelphia communities. 
03/22/18 10:10pm
I CARE launched in 2014 after four students died by suicide in the 2013-2014 academic year alone.
03/22/18 9:38pm
With less than two weeks left before the retrial, Cosby's attorneys filed a memo questioning Judge Steven O'Neill's partiality in the case.
03/22/18 1:41am
The snow began falling Tuesday, the official first day of spring, and accumulated throughout the day Wednesday into the evening.
03/22/18 12:48am
The snow, which began falling Tuesday – the official first day of spring – accumulated throughout the day Wednesday and continued into the evening.
03/21/18 1:07am
The email follows announcements from Drexel University and Temple University that they will close Wednesday. The City of Philadelphia announced that its offices will, jury duty, and normal operations will be suspended.
03/20/18 10:42pm
As of 8:30 p.m., Penn has not made any University-wide announcements regarding whether the University will remain open on Wednesday and whether normal operations will proceed. 
03/20/18 7:45pm
The last teach-in at Penn happened 49 years ago in 1969, and the revival of the program, entitled 'Production of Knowledge,' launched Sunday and is scheduled to last until March 22. 
03/20/18 3:46pm
The flyer, stylized like The Daily Pennsylvanian's website, included stories with headlines such as 'Penn Law officially extends inclusion policy to racists.'
03/20/18 12:26am
Parts of the city are expected to receive between 8-10 inches of snow. 
03/16/18 9:21pm
Pritchett's experience stems from his term as president of the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation and as chair of the Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia.
03/16/18 4:03am
On Wednesday morning, director of the Wistar Institute Dario Altieri sent out an email saying he would walk out 'for personal reasons.' Over a hundred of his employees joined him. 
03/16/18 12:33am
Although Brown, Princeton, and Yale have reclassified economics as a STEM major, which helps international students work in the U.S. longer, Penn hasn't followed in their footsteps.