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Vinayak Kumar | How to change someone's political views

(07/06/17 4:29am)

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what it would take for someone of one political persuasion to "switch sides." There’s a lot of merit to the idea that we, especially at Penn, restrict ourselves to "echo chambers" where our communities and groups are just reflections of our own backgrounds and beliefs. I think it’s a good exercise to find someone of an opposing viewpoint, and convince them that they are wrong — or be convinced that you yourself are wrong in the process.

Guest Column by Vinayak Kumar | A Physics Perspective to Identity Politics

(03/30/17 7:08pm)

There is a lot of hot debate between the political left and right about social justice issues, and a particularly concentrated debate in higher education institutions. A lot of college students have become particularly concerned about issues related to gender, race, identity etc. and have adopted a paradigm of political correctness and sensitivity about them. "Safe spaces" across the United States are the most well-known example of this.