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More than 1,300 petition against Penn’s decision to hold commencement on a Jewish holiday

(03/24/21 5:06am)

When Wharton senior Gabe Low thinks about commencement, he feels disappointment. For Low, who took two gap years to serve in the Israeli Army, the journey to commencement has been an unconventional one — six years in the making. But because commencement this year is scheduled on Shavuot, a Jewish holiday, Low and other Orthodox Jewish students must grapple with whether or not to attend. 

A year into the pandemic, students reflect on losing family members to COVID-19

(03/18/21 7:04am)

College junior Diana Cruz watched in horror in Long Beach, Calif., as one by one, her family members got sicker and sicker with COVID-19. First, it was her sister, 23, who tested positive on Dec. 30, 2020 and lost her sense of taste. Then it was her mother, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez, 63, who kept sleeping for longer and longer hours each day, until she could barely walk and eventually became comatose. Finally, her father, 65, and other sister, 27, fell ill. 

After weeks of denying access, Penn will offer COVID-19 testing to Bon Appétit dining workers

(02/04/21 5:45am)

Every day, a Falk Dining Commons worker serves food to Penn students while thinking about her family at home. She fears bringing COVID-19 back to them — her young child, her elderly parent — which she knows she can't afford to do after she was furloughed by the University for the fall semester. She looks out the window while on the job and sees Penn's COVID-19 testing site, located on the high rise field, just footsteps away.  

Broken mirrors and missing TVs: Penn fails to deliver items left in dorms to many students

(09/01/20 3:58am)

As students return to Philadelphia for the remote fall semester, those who chose to retrieve their stored dorm items from University-sanctioned moving companies hoped to be reunited with their belongings after five months. Many students, however, were alarmed to find that some of their belongings were either missing or damaged, and demand compensation.