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Kayla Cotter | The only thing deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition is inequality

(07/04/22 1:39pm)

Congratulations to Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett. You have undoubtedly protected the sanctity of the Constitution: a document that in its original form relegates anyone who isn’t a cisgender, heterosexual, white man to second-class citizenship. You have effectively heeded this nation’s misogynistic, homophobic, and racist history, enflamed debate, deepened division, and imposed a highly restrictive regime on this country’s entirety. The public outrage is well-deserved.

Kayla Cotter | Fool’s Gold: Is the Four-Year Degree All It Seems?

(04/01/22 11:07pm)

My love-hate relationship with my high school magnet program defined my high school experience. The Career and Technical Education curriculum, essentially a modern-day term for vocational education, focused on criminal justice, firefighting, health services, and the military. On one hand, I was enthralled by its components, but on the other, it felt synonymous with educational underachievement. Every teacher I had who knew about my participation in the magnet program expressed surprise about my performance in the classroom. Despite what may seem like an academically rigorous program, it was never treated as such; rather, it was seen as an alternative to classes that promoted college preparation. Still, the supervisor pushed us to apply to four-year institutions over other post-secondary options, telling us and our guardians that the program would help us reach the ultimate goal: a four-year degree. The list of colleges that our students have attended is broadcasted on our promotional page — it’s a badge of honor. 

Kayla Cotter | Penn’s early-move-in policies were a disaster

(01/20/22 11:31pm)

On Dec. 23, Penn announced that classes would be conducted virtually for the first two weeks of the spring semester. Move-in, which was originally scheduled for Jan. 8, was delayed one week, but an early move-in application was made available, and students flocked to request the accommodation for a variety of reasons: non-refundable travel expenses, time zone differences, binding academic and athletic commitments, etc. 

Emily Ng & Kayla Cotter | How Castle exposed a campus rife with performative activism

(12/03/21 2:11am)

Situated at the center of Penn’s campus, hidden behind mid-century Gothic Revival limestone, is Castle, home to the Psi Upsilon fraternity. However, behind its ornamental walls lies a controversial history. At a Sept. 4 party, a Penn sophomore was allegedly attacked by a Psi Upsilon brother inside the building, prompting a University investigation into the incident. Yet, an investigation was not the only result of the assault. When The Daily Pennsylvanian broke news of the story in late September, it infuriated much of the student body, who demanded that Penn take action.