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Cathy Li | Philadelphia’s changing tastes

(12/05/23 2:20am)

These days, I can’t help but think about the movie "The Menu" when I go out to eat. Though my culinary reality is much less about the psychological torture of dinner guests and cold-blooded murder, I often contemplate what the movie reveals about the food service industry, the changing nature of tastes, and the grueling pressure for restaurants to innovate and keep up with diners’ demands.

Cathy Li | What’s the ROI of learning that?

(10/24/23 12:07am)

Last month, The Wall Street Journal published a list of the top United States colleges that set their students up for financial success, ranking Penn as the No. 1 school with the most impact on graduate salaries. The Salary Impact ranking is pretty simple, but this can make it flawed. It compares the value of the undergraduate degree to alumni earnings by measuring how much more they earned 10 years after enrollment with the average postgraduate high school student’s salary in their state. 

Cathy Li | Ask better, not smarter questions

(02/25/23 9:48pm)

Browse the internet for context. Take note of the author’s background when you do so. And then, research the breadth and depth of what is available on the subject so that you regurgitate rich, wordy literary analysis in class, impressing everyone with your innate, effortless intelligence, even though you knew nothing about the subject just three hours ago.