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Brett Seaton | What job should you choose after graduation?

(11/03/23 6:47pm)

Starting your career is a lot like building a house. You start with nothing. All you’ve got is an idea, a rough blueprint, and the conviction that one day this barren piece of land will be a home. Currently, I am deciding between internships for next summer, which will likely become my career after I graduate in 2025 and the tract of land that I will build my house on … and I have no idea what I am doing.

Brett Seaton | How often will future empires think of America?

(09/28/23 2:07am)

I’ve been thinking about the Roman Empire. And not just because people keep asking me if I am. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Ray Dalio, listening to too much of the All-In Podcast, or watching too many elected officials transform into a food processor away from mashed potatoes — but I’m worried the American Empire will soon go the way of the Roman.

Brett Seaton | Is Penn about to be caught flat-footed by ChatGPT?

(02/04/23 3:11am)

ChatGPT reached 100,000,000 users on Thursday in two months, which is a new world record that was completed almost five times faster than the previous fastest, TikTok. Its fast adoption and seemingly endless use cases have prompted stories saying it will destroy the world, save the world, and … make beer? However, among the millions of takes,  I couldn’t find anything about how the Ivy League plans to change its curriculum in light of AI’s abilities. That’s a problem.