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Senior Column by Ananya Chandra | Embracing the awkwardness

(05/12/19 4:20pm)

I can’t remember my first day of college classes. Not really anyways. Awkwardly knocking on doors in my freshman hall with my roommate? Taking a first day of school picture with the people on my floor? Uncomfortable encounters in the freshman hall bathroom? Sure. But my first day of classes? First thing I learned? First homework assignment that I (probably over-enthusiastically) completed? Honestly, I can’t remember a thing. There are images, snapshots, in my mind of what happened during that first week. But not much more than that. Maybe this is because my mind works like a camera — in a series of snapshots that are pieced together into a story later on. But it is also an indication of how college as a whole has been.

Photo Essay | A tour of Counseling and Psychological Services

(10/30/17 7:15am)

Counseling and Psychological Services is the counseling center at Penn. Offering free and confidential services for students, CAPS provides an array of services including individual therapy, group therapy, personal wellness workshops and referral services. Despite all of the discussion surrounding mental health resources on campus in recent months, only about 15 percent of students regularly step into the offices of CAPS. We decided to take this opportunity to explore CAPS and give students a better idea of what goes on in the CAPS office.