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Why a seven-story residential building at Penn can take longer to build than a skyscraper downtown

(11/20/17 2:07am)

Six million square feet of Penn's campus has undergone construction since 2006. But many of these new or renovated buildings, which rarely exceed 20 stories, have taken longer to build than other apartments in University City because of administrative funding delays and complex building structures.

From Ivanka Trump to John Legend, here's where Penn's most famous alumni lived on campus

(08/21/18 9:46pm)

From leaders in the technology industry to high-ranking members in the Department of Justice, Penn alumni hold prominent leadership positions across the country. While many of Penn's best-known graduates lived around Locust Walk when they were students, others, like Jon Huntsman Jr., lived some 10 blocks away. After some investigation, The Daily Pennsylvanian presents a quick guide to where some of Penn's most celebrated alumni took refuge while they were on campus: 

Visas are an additional — and complicated — step for international students seeking summer internships

(10/02/17 1:52am)

For many Penn students, the search for summer 2018 internships has already started. On top of attending recruiting events and writing cover letters, numerous international undergraduates have to add another laborious process to their to-do list: extending their student visas so they can legally remain in the United States over the summer to complete their internships.

When a Penn student dies, why aren't faculty members immediately notified?

(09/18/17 1:47am)

On the Friday afternoon following the death of College senior Nicholas Moya, staff members from Counseling and Psychological Services, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Intervention Services visited the kitchen of the Sigma Delta Tau chapter house, where members of the sorority gathered together, sharing hugs and warm pizza. 

The book center's decision to stop carrying course books has frustrated some on campus

(09/07/17 3:00pm)

As students searched for affordable textbooks this past week, many were upset to learn that Penn Book Center, which has supplied primarily humanities course books since 1962, no longer sells texts for classes at Penn. Most students have been directed to the Penn Bookstore to purchase course resources. 

For some Penn students, extreme vetting to get into the U.S. is not a new phenomenon

(02/03/17 2:01am)

When College sophomore Mustafa Amjad landed at Philadelphia International Airport en route to Penn, he was locked in a room with United States customs agents for “at least an hour” where his bag was checked and he was asked about his membership to terrorist groups or militias in Pakistan, the country he calls home.