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Isabel Kim | Who you know

(04/20/17 2:19am)

I have no idea what I'm doing over the summer. Everywhere I've interviewed for, ranging from animation studios to hedge funds, has either politely rejected me or not yet gotten back to me. I'm naturally frustrated and a little bit anxious over this. It's mid-April. There's still time, but my window of opportunity is shrinking rapidly.

Isabel Kim | Procrastination as a coping mechanism

(03/23/17 2:04am)

It’s been more than two weeks since my last column. I have had ample time to think about a topic, to write a rough draft, to set aside a few hours to bang out 700 words or so. Instead, it’s Tuesday night and I haven’t started. My column was technically due today. I used to be the editor in charge of this section: I know how this is supposed to work. I need to put in at least a token amount of effort, because otherwise, it’s a failure on my part as a columnist. Or at least I need to look like I put in effort. But I’m starting right now, that is to say, 11:23 p.m., Tuesday night.

Isabel Kim | So when are you getting married?

(02/23/17 4:29am)

I went back to Korea over winter break because that is what you do when you’re the daughter of Asian parents: You fly back to your country of ethnic origin so that all your relatives can exclaim to your parents “how much taller she is!” and “She looks just like you!” except in Korean, because you are, as mentioned earlier, in Korea. It was the first time I had gone back since high school.

Isabel Kim | Perspective

(01/12/17 4:13am)

The shirt read “THE PUSSY GRABS BACK,” accompanied by a drawing of a kitten attacking Donald Trump’s face. My mother stared at it in horror. “Where did you get this?” she asked, and I answered, “Uh. Just, I don’t know, they were selling them to support a nonprofit and I figured I’d help. I don’t wear it outside.” That was a partial lie; I wore mine around campus. “I’m throwing this out. It’s disgusting,” she said and dropped it in the kitchen trash can.

Isabel Kim | Off the record

(07/14/16 3:19am)

One of the most frustrating experiences you can have as a reporter is a source refusing to talk to you. You email them, you call them, and they continue to ignore you or refuse to be quoted. The recent Atlantic article When Student Activists Refuse to Talk to Campus Newspapers explains the conundrum pretty well with regard to recent campus activism - activists become frustrated when their voices are not broadcast, yet refuse to talk to the mechanism for broadcasting. Of course, this phenomenon extends to multiple demographics, not just activists.

Isabel Kim | Aftermath

(06/16/16 11:28am)

The shootings in Orlando, the deadliest in United States history, have been all over the news for the past few days. A gunman named Omar Mateen attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando on Monday at two in the morning, killing 50 and wounding 53. The event is horrifying and traumatic to both those with connections to it and those without.