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At Mayor's Scholars event, Jim Kenney urges Penn freshmen to stay in Philadelphia

(09/20/18 3:32am)

Around this time of year, the sight of Penn students dressed in business-casual attire for on-campus recruiting and job interviews is not uncommon. But on Tuesday night, around 30 freshmen came to Perry World House dressed in formal wear for a different reason: dinner with the Philadelphia mayor. 

Penn’s medical marijuana research comes to a standstill as Pa. program faces review

(05/27/18 3:16am)

A Pennsylvania judge has halted the state's new medical marijuana research program. The injunction, announced on May 22, comes just a week after Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that Penn’s medical school would become one of eight university institutions in Pennsylvania selected to be part of the state's new initiative.

Gutmann confirms she will speak at 1vyG two days before conference for first gen. students

(02/16/18 11:35pm)

In a change of plans, Penn President Amy Gutmann has confirmed that she will speak at the opening ceremony for the fourth annual 1vyG conference this Saturday. 1vyG is the largest conference for first-generation, low-income students in the world, and will feature 350 attendees, 275 of whom will be staying on Penn's campus for the weekend. 

Portraits from the Eagles parade: meet the 'greatest fans in the world'

(02/09/18 12:51am)

Millions of people attended the victory parade for the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Every one of them withstood sub-freezing temperatures, wind chills, and congested trains just for a chance to catch a glimpse of their athletic heroes. Reporters from The Daily Pennsylvanian went out to take their portraits, listen to their stories, and learn why Philadelphia is known for having "the greatest fans in the world." 

This Thanksgiving, first-generation low-income students had more meal options on campus

(11/29/17 7:05pm)

While many Penn students visit their families or travel to new places for Thanksgiving every year, some stay on campus for reasons ranging from financial burdens to high workloads. This year, however, students who stayed on campus had a better opportunity to celebrate the holiday than they have in previous years.

Only one Penn dining hall serves halal food — and students say it has made multiple mistakes

(11/16/17 1:06am)

All incoming freshmen are required to choose between one of three dining plans that Penn offers — even if their dietary requirements make it inconvenient. For Muslim students, the inability to opt-out of the meal plan means they can only visit one dining hall on campus for meals. This situation is made even more complicated by the fact that several students have noticed lapses in the dining hall's adherence to the rules of halal.

Some speaker events at Penn cost up to $17,000 — and students get to determine that funding

(10/11/17 12:38am)

Student groups at Penn regularly invite high-profile speakers to speak on campus. Depending on the honorary guest, the cost of a visit can sometimes reach up to $17,000 and other times be completely free. This multi-step process of obtaining funding can often be lengthy, unpredictable and filled with obstacles.

Latinx Heritage Month provides a source of support and joy for students during an uncertain time

(10/04/17 11:41pm)

Against the backdrop of the impending repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and the natural disasters that struck Mexico and Puerto Rico, members of Penn's Latinx community are determined to make the events surrounding Latinx Heritage Month this year an opportunity both for celebration and for support.