08/26/19 11:19pm
Ever wonder what goes on in Philly when you leave for the summer? As summer wraps up, here are a few things you might have missed.
04/26/19 5:29pm
The Trillest Podcast wrapped up it's second season on April 27th. Get to know the host, Sia-Linda Lebbie, and get hype for season 3, which debues in the fall! Also, check out past episodes of the Trillest Dating Show on all major podcast platforms!
04/25/19 7:50am
Former Vice President Joe Biden just announced his presidential bid. Here’s a look at some of the other major Democratic contenders in the 2020 race.
04/18/19 1:04am
In the first episode of DP’s roundtable discussion series, three opinion columnists approach the topic of how the University of Pennsylvania should approach sexual assault allegations among Penn-associated figures.
04/15/19 12:56am
Did you know that there was a roller skating rink in Houston Hall last Friday? The Daily Pennsylvanian checked out what goes into the production of “The Thing Before Fling.”
04/15/19 12:09am
Penn students gathered on College Green last Friday to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. Students threw vibrant powders into the air in a celebration of joy and love.
04/10/19 9:23pm
The University of Pennsylvania admitted 7.4% of regular decision applicants – its lowest acceptance rate to date. Watch the reactions of our newly admitted Quakers! Also, sign up for our daily newsletter, Dear Penn:
04/08/19 10:41pm
Last week, the Penn & Slavery Project co-hosted the Penn and Slavery Symposium, which explored Penn's relationship with the institution of slavery. The event featured undergraduate research presentations and discussions from leading scholars in the field.
04/08/19 4:42pm
On April 4th, 2019, hundreds of Penn students marched down Locust Walk for this year’s Take Back the Night. This event is part of the international movement and protest against all forms of sexual violence.
04/03/19 10:10pm
In light of the recent mumps outbreak at Temple University, we tested Penn students’ knowledge of the disease. Here are some of their responses.
03/26/19 12:01am
Take a look at some of the highlights from this year's Penn Women's Week!
03/21/19 1:21am
How do you throw a curveball? The Penn baseball team will show you!
03/17/19 11:40pm
On Mar. 15, Penn students organized a climate strike to demand more effective climate change initiatives on campus. The event coincided with the international #YouthClimateStrike.
03/13/19 10:46pm
Do you remember the first time you visited Penn's campus? Here's a friendly reminder to appreciate your surroundings!
02/27/19 11:09pm
Want to avoid getting sick before spring break? Here are seven tips from Student Health Services to help you stay healthy!
02/25/19 1:14am
Still have midterms? Here are some tips for how to effectively prepare from two professionals from the Weingarten Learning Resource Center.
02/20/19 10:31pm
What is a “draw” in women’s lacrosse? Learn what it is, how it works, and some useful strategies with two members of the Penn women’s lacrosse team.
02/17/19 10:17pm
Over 30 high school teams from across the country participated in Penn’s Science Olympiad Invitational this weekend. The tournament is considered one of the most competitive in the country.
02/14/19 11:51pm
Are you concerned about your love life? We spoke with two CAPS psychologists about love and relationships at Penn. Hear what they had to say.
02/05/19 12:45am
Happy Lunar New Year! The DP went to this year’s Chinese New Year celebration at Reading Terminal Market, where hundreds of people came out to celebrate the Year of the Pig. Here are some of the highlights!