03/16/20 5:01pm
The Wistar Institute, situated on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, is a leading force in early-stage discovery science in cancer, immunology, and infectious disease. The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with Dr. David Weiner to learn more about his team’s work on COVID-19. Music: Once Again by Bensound.
03/05/20 9:16pm
Members of the DP staff learned some basic self-defense training with Instructors Tracey Cardella and Nicole Taylor through the free classes provided by Special Services through The Division of Public Safety. More information can be found at
03/01/20 11:19pm
Refresh on this week's top stories with another episode of Hi Penn, where Kelly Heinzerling recaps Penn's tuition increase, new Wharton dean Erika James, and more.
02/24/20 11:00am
This week News Reporter Kelly Heinzerling covers the closure and replacement of the Fresh Grocer, changes to Spring Fling, and more.
02/21/20 2:35pm
Maria Murad asks students on campus their thoughts on the closing of the Fresh Grocer.
02/17/20 12:00pm
News Reporter Kelly Heinzerling covers this week's top stories.
02/12/20 11:50pm
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the two front runners in the New Hampshire Democratic primary, held lively rallies on Tuesday night in anticipation of the final polling results.
02/10/20 12:00pm
This week, News Reporter Kelly Heinzerling covers the suspension of the IAA, Penn Monologues, and more. The Penn Monologues will be held Feb. 20, Feb. 21, and Feb. 22.
02/10/20 9:08am
Two reporters for The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with former Penn Law School professor and Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Sunday evening in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Here's what she said. Check out the article to hear more:
02/05/20 9:30pm
This past Monday, Penn hosted an Iowa satellite caucus at Houston Hall.
02/03/20 11:00am
On this week's Hi Penn, News Reporter Kelly Heinzerling discusses Penn and climate action, the resignation of volleyball coach Iain Braddak, and more.
01/29/20 11:21pm
Former ICE Director Thomas Homan returned to Penn on Tuesday after Perry World House shut down a University-hosted panel three months ago due to student protesters.
01/26/20 10:05pm
In its first episode of the year, Hi Penn returns with news reporter Kelly Heinzerling, who discusses Penn's security guards, Wharton's actuarial science program, and more.
01/22/20 11:21am
This past Saturday marked the 4th annual Women's March on Philadelphia. Check out the photo essay here:
01/21/20 10:00am
Just leave it all to us.
01/17/20 4:56pm
Read the full story below:
12/22/19 9:31pm
This year, The University of Pennsylvania accepted 19.7% of its early-decision applicants. Check out how these new Quakers react to their acceptances!
12/11/19 9:35pm
As 2019 comes to a close, The Daily Pennsylvanian looked back on some of the highlights from the year.
12/08/19 10:33pm
In the final Hi Penn of the year, Kelly Heinzerling recaps the new Penn Transit shuttle to Trader Joe's, the newly released Faces of Black Penn magazine, and more.
12/05/19 1:22am
The DP sent its very own sports editor Will DiGrande to try to beat Miranda Gieg, sabre captain of the Penn women’s fencing team. How will he do? Watch to find out!