02/04/15 1:15am
DP Videographers get behind the scenes footage on Penn Museum's new exhibit, which opens on February 7. Filmed and edited by Claire Huang and Dani Blum.
09/29/14 2:54pm
08/27/14 3:26am
08/26/14 8:21pm
08/26/14 4:43pm
09/12/14 3:12pm
Corey Stern got an inside look at the new Wistar Institute opening on September 12th, 2014.
04/24/23 8:13pm
Abby Shaffer talks about her experiences at UPenn and her plans after college during an interview with the DP's Recruiter's Row.
04/09/23 7:00pm
Around 70 students and community members joined a rally on Penn's campus in support of resident advisors and graduate assistants’ efforts to unionize. The rally comes after the University argued that RAs and GAs are “not employees” in response to their recent filing for official union recognition. Penn instead classified the group as student leaders with an “educational relationship” to Penn since they are not on the payroll. The rally, which was organized by United RAs at Penn, was held on Friday and featured guest speakers such as Philadelphia mayoral candidate and 1993 College graduate Helen Gym. Read more:
04/02/23 7:43pm
Penn announced regular decision admission results for the Class of 2027 after receiving a record number of applications. More than 59,000 students applied to Penn this cycle, the largest first-year applicant pool in Penn's history, and over 4,500 more applications than the Class of 2026 and over 3,000 more than the Class of 2025. Read more:
12/22/22 10:25pm
Desk editor Matteo Busterna shows how a DP article gets written, edited, and published.