04/30/17 9:26pm
Penn held the 123rd annual Penn Relays this weekend, the largest and oldest track and field competition in the US. See our gallery here:
04/20/17 7:55pm
As Fling approaches, learn everything you need to know about Fling in the Quad
04/02/17 10:59pm
Watch admitted Quakers react to their acceptances into the University of Pennsylvania! Read our editorial: What potential Quakers need to know.
03/29/17 3:35pm
In the first part in a series of research projects here at Penn, learn about attempts to improve the world of social impact microfinance. Simon Oh walks us through his work, experiences, and goals.
02/28/17 11:04pm
Vice President Biden was at Penn to discuss cancer research on a panel at the Silfen Forum.
02/16/17 5:56pm
Meet Brandon Lin, who currently holds the world record for average solve time of the Square-1 Rubik's Cube, and Collin Burns, who previously held the world record for single solve 3x3 Rubik's Cube. See how they brought their passion for cubing to Penn.
02/12/17 6:55pm
Video columnist Amanda Reid discusses President Trump's proposed immigration ban and how, even though it comes across as a shock event to the public, it feels very familiar to many citizens of the listed countries, particularly those in the Penn community.
02/07/17 10:47pm
Though Penn men's basketball came up short in its attempt to pull off the upset of the century over first-place Princeton, the Red and Blue still had their fair share of highlights. Check out Darnell Foreman, AJ Brodeur and the rest of the Red and Blue leaving it all out there on Tuesday night:
01/30/17 8:23pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann decried President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration in a speech outside College Hall tonight. Follow our coverage on Gutmann's statement here: Originally from Facebook Live.
01/30/17 12:11am
The DP went to Penn's premier hackathon, PennApps, to find out more about why so many students come to participate.
01/22/17 10:02pm
This past Saturday, the DP went to the Women's March on Washington to cover the procession. Hundreds of thousands of protesters were in attendance of the march. Get an inside look at the experience here.
01/21/17 9:13am
POLITICS | Take a look at the Inauguration in DC through the lens of one of our video journalists.
12/07/16 9:31pm
NEWS | Have you ever wondered where the sound of chimes that happen daily on Locust Walk come from? Take a look as we investigate the source of the mystery bells.
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