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DP photographers captured the city's outbursts of emotion during the 2024 Philadelphia Pride parade and festival. document.location = ""
Here is how The Daily Pennsylvanian’s photographers captured the scenes of Penn’s 268th Commencement ceremony. document.location = ""
DP photographers captured the arrests of dozens of protesters at the Gaza Solidarity Encampment on College Green on Friday.   document.location = ""
Here are scenes from Hey Day throughout time, in photos. document.location = ""
Over the past five days, The Daily Pennsylvanian has documented encampment programming, administrative updates, and counterprotesting on College Green. As the Gaza Solidarity Encampment passes its 100th hour, here are the pivotal moments from the DP’s live coverage, in photos. document.location = ""
Here's how the Daily Pennsylvanian photographers captured the many ways students, staff, and faculty recognized Earth Day throughout the week.  document.location = ""
Amid ongoing protests and demonstrations at colleges across the county and following days of rising tensions at Penn, a pro-Palestinian encampment began on College Green on Thursday. Here’s how The Daily Pennsylvanian’s photographers documented its first day. document.location = ""
Penn found itself in the path of the Great North American Eclipse on April 8. To celebrate the momentous event, the University organized an eclipse viewing party on College Green. The Daily Pennsylvanian photographers captured the scene on the ground as the moon made a rare passage in front of the sun. document.location = ""
Hundreds of people from the Penn and greater Philadelphia communities gathered at College Green on April 5 to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colors. The event was organized by the Penn Hindu & Jain Association and featured performances from Penn Raas, PENNaach, Penn Hype Dance Crew, Penn Masti, and Penn Dhamaka. Photos by Abhiram Juvvadi and Ethan Young.
Forty-five years ago, Penn men's basketball went to the Final Four. Relive the Quakers' run with never-been-seen photos from The Daily Pennsylvanian. document.location = ""
On Feb. 2, 1994, Natives at Penn — known then as Six Directions — was recognized as an official member of the United Minorities Council. 30 years later, Natives at Penn and the Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC) celebrated their respective 30th and 40th anniversary at Penn's 13th annual powwow in the Hall of Flags. The powwow was open to the public and featured singing, intertribal dancing, and Indigenous vendors. Here is a look at the event and its attendees on March 23. document.location = ""
The evening began with a rally featuring remarks from students and administrators and continued with a march across campus, a candlelight vigil, and stories from survivors of sexual abuse. document.location = ""
The Daily Pennsylvanian obtained exclusive access to tour the new Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology, exploring its outdoor spaces, interior features, and architectural hallmarks. document.location = ""
Every year, between late January and early February, billions of people around the world recognize Lunar New Year. Explore the many ways the Penn community celebrates this auspicious holiday, in photos.  document.location = ""
It has been over a century since Penn athletics first allowed female students to pursue athletics. To celebrate National Women and Girls in Sports Day, here are some of the moments that have defined the 103 years since, in photos. document.location = ""
After nearly two years of snowless drought, Philadelphia found itself covered in a sheet of white, receiving over an inch of snow. See how Penn’s campus underwent a transformation, in photos.   document.location = ""
The Daily Pennsylvanian documented the stories of 2023 — the triumphs and obstacles, the joys and heartbreaks, of a community feeling the consequences of events around the world. In a year defined by student-led activism on campus, see the images that capture a pivotal moment in Penn and Philadelphia's history. document.location = ""
Facing widespread national scrutiny and intensifying calls for her resignation throughout the fall semester, Penn President Liz Magill announced on Dec. 9 that she would step down after being in office for only 16 months. See how The Daily Pennsylvanian photographers documented Magill’s presidency, from her official confirmation to the Congressional hearing that preceded her resignation. document.location = ""
See how The Daily Pennsylvanian photographers captured the over five-hour-long hearing in front of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce on Dec. 5. document.location = ""
See how The Daily Pennsylvanian's photographers captured the past week of programming and the University's response during the Freedom School for Palestine's ongoing sit-in at Houston Hall. document.location = ""