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Freshman midfielder Avery Chapel during Penn women's soccer's matchup against Yale on Sept. 30. Credit: Sydney Curran

The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with freshman midfielder Avery Chapel of Penn women’s soccer to ask her 15 questions about her favorite soccer memories, transition onto the team, favorite traditions and habits, and a few hot takes.  

1. Can you introduce yourself? 

Avery Chapel. Freshman from Leesburg, Va., about 45 mins from [Washington D.C.]. I'm in the College and planning to study communication, but still undecided. Midfielder.

2. Who is your favorite women’s soccer player?

As a kid I was always a fan of Alex Morgan, I think that’s a pretty basic answer. Now I like watching college soccer a lot.

3. What is your favorite soccer memory? 

I was super close with my club team for a long time. We made it to the national final one year, and that was a really good memory, going through the tournament and spending the whole year with them. We also had a lot of fun away trips, my favorite one that we used to go on was playoffs in California. 

4. What is your favorite part about living in Philadelphia so far?

I like how close everything is. I always liked walking a lot so being able to go to so many different spots is really cool. 

5. What are you most excited for this season? 

I have been really enjoying getting close with my team and I’m looking forward to senior night because we do a bunch of fun stuff for the seniors, which is really exciting. 

6. What is your favorite position to play? 

I moved around a lot in club soccer, but this year I have been playing holding mid[fielder] for the most part. In club we played a different formation, so I was outside the diamond on the right side which is similar in a way to what I am playing now but a bit more offensive. I like them all. 

7. What has been your biggest challenge at Penn so far? 

Adjusting to the workload. Waking up super early for practice, then getting all my work done, managing my mental health and my body’s state since we are doing so much physically. 

8. Favorite activity to do after practice? 

After practice we go to Hill [House] or [1920] Commons and it’s nice sitting with the girls in my class and talking. 

9. Do you have a pregame ritual? 

I do not. I have never been very superstitious. I kind of just do whatever and go with the flow. But, the team will listen to music in the locker room and then come up to the trailer up here and listen to the same songs every game which is nice. 

10. Socks above the knee or below the knee?

Above, if they are long enough. One girl on my team — she’s from Spain — cut her socks in half and wears them super low so you can barely see her shin guards. So, I’m super against that and she knows it.

11. Best bus activity? 

I like playing Crazy 8, the Game Pigeon game, a lot. 

12. Favorite recovery meal?

Post practice, when it’s hot out, I love to get a smoothie. Pasta also, or maybe even fruit and yogurt.

13. Which position on the field do you get along best with? 

The 10, which is the attacking mid that plays right ahead of me.

14. What has the adjustment to Penn been like?

The adjustment has been really good because the team has been so positive and the coaching staff is great. Coming in I was obviously nervous, it’s a super big change, even though I’m not too far from home and we came earlier than all the freshmen, so I think having such a great team environment has been super helpful. 

15. Best part of being a student-athlete? 

I think we are provided with a lot of opportunities and we get a lot of support, whether that's from our sports psychiatrist or academic advisor. It seems tough, but we get a lot of support and time to do things so I think that’s nice.