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Wharton's Baker Retailing Center and Penn Fashion Week hosted the chief brand officer of the Revolve Group Raissa Gerona as part of their Executive Speaker Series.

Penn Fashion Week and Baker Retailing Center hosted Raissa Gerona, the chief brand officer of the Revolve Group, as part of the Executive Speaker Series on Feb. 27. 

Gerona talked about her career and experience developing Revolve’s brand identity at Penn Fashion Week’s Speaker Series, which brings prominent fashion, retail, and business figures to campus.

Gerona has played an integral role in Revolve’s continued success and brand identity. After joining the Revolve Group in 2014, she sought to harness the power of bloggers and social media influencers. Gerona organized blogger and influencer trips to showcase Revolve’s pieces. This endeavor, which started in 2014, was hugely successful, with #RevolveAroundTheWorld becoming a face for the brand.  

However, Revolve has taken a step away from these trips, and Gerona is focusing on developing a new brand strategy. 

“What are we to the young people? How can we stay relevant always?” Gerona asked. 

In her early career, Gerona started two of her own brands, one of which included Lovers + Friends, which Revolve later acquired. She encouraged audience members to be open to exploring many career options. 

“She gave a lot of good advice, especially to college students who are kind of finding their way and finding their path,” Sarah Bender, College sophomore and PFW board member, said. “It’s so inspiring that she’s such a hard worker, and clearly she worked so hard to be where she is today, and I hope that inspired people do not give up and go after what they want.”

Gerona also highlighted the importance of making Revolve as diverse as possible. To Gerona, this includes not only diversity in identity, but also in brand approach and ways of thinking. 

“I really loved [Gerona] and Revolve’s focus on diversity and female inclusion,” Bender said. “The company really values a bunch of women working together and supporting each other.” 

The event was co-hosted with Baker Retailing Center. The Center seeks to bring together a “network of retail leaders, founders, faculty and students to discuss the opportunities and challenges that impact the retail world of today and tomorrow.” Part of this mission entails supporting PFW in bringing speakers to campus.

College senior and PFW president Ella Worth, who also moderated the talk, told The Daily Pennsylvanian that their partnership with Baker Retailing Center is integral to their success as they help with contacting and hosting speakers.  

“We really like our speakers to be at the intersection of fashion, business, and retail to give Penn students an opportunity to see what’s within that field,” Worth said. “[Gerona] is an incredibly hard working woman who has shaped a brand through marketing strategy.”

PFW and Baker Retailing Center will bring Atalie Gimmel, the Social Media Lead at Vogue, as the next speaker this semester, Worth shared with the DP. 

In collaboration with Baker Retailing Center, Penn Fashion Collective, Alloy Media, and the Walk Magazine, PFW will be hosting Penn's “Met Gala” on Mar. 24. Themed “retrofuturism,” Worth said the event will take place in the Penn Museum.