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Credit: Kylie Cooper

We write in response to the School of Arts and Science dean’s announcement that the school will initiate cluster hires in Asian American Studies Program to compensate for the impending loss of professor David Eng (and indeed professor Grace Kao, who moved to Yale several years ago). ASAM has been woefully understaffed for many years, as generations of students and faculty have asserted. As a belated response, these cluster hires are welcome, but we wish to remind the deans that it is crucially important to retain professor Eng, who has proved vital not only to ASAM, but to the English Department and the programs in Comparative Literature and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. He has demonstrated a unique capacity to connect diverse intellectual constituencies across Penn, and is, quite simply, irreplaceable. To lose professor Eng while making plans for the future is simply bad policy; his presence here will reassure potential Asian American faculty that SAS is committed to the development of ASAM. To not retain professor Eng is to send a terrible message to future candidates, and we are likely to lose the very best of them.

We stand in solidarity as Asian, Asian American, and queer, of color faculty and allies; and alongside our brilliant and impassioned ASAM Undergraduate Advisory Board students and 800 students and alumni who have petitioned the University for adequate support for ASAM and the retention of professor Eng.

  1. David Kazanjian, English, Comparative Literature
  2. Chi-ming Yang, English, Comparative Literature, Asian American Studies
  3. Eiichiro Azuma, History, Asian American Studies
  4. Guobin Yang, Sociology, Annenberg School
  5. Ayako Kano, EALC, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  6. David Young Kim, History of Art, Italian Studies
  7. Ania Loomba, English, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  8. Suvir Kaul, English, Comparative Literature
  9. Ken Lum, Fine Arts, Weitzman Design
  10. Paul Saint-Amour, English, Comparative Literature
  11. Max Cavitch, English, Comparative Literature, GSWS, Psychoanalytic Studies
  12. Melissa E. Sanchez, English, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  13. Jean-Christophe Cloutier, English
  14. S. Pearl Brilmyer, English
  15. Julia Alekseyeva, English, Cinema & Media Studies, Comparative Literature, REES
  16. D. Brian Kim, REES, Comparative Literature
  17. Jean-Michel Rabaté, English, Comparative Literature
  18. Emily Wilson, Classical Studies, Comparative Literature
  19. James English, English, Digital Humanities
  20. Margo Natalie Crawford, English, Comparative Literature
  21. Rahul Mukherjee, English, Cinema & Media Studies, Comparative Literature
  22. Jennifer S. Ponce de León, English, LALS, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  23. Abdulhamit Arvas, English, GSWS, Middle East Center 
  24. Deborah A. Thomas, Anthropology, Center for Experimental Ethnography
  25. Joan DeJean, Romance Languages, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  26. Hsiao-wen Cheng, EALC, GSWS
  27. Joan DeJean, Romance Languages, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  28. Rita Copeland, Comparative Literature, Classical Studies, English
  29. Kristen R. Ghodsee, Russian and East European Studies
  30. Karen Redrobe, Wolf Humanities Center, ARTH
  31. Gerald Prince, Romance Languages, Comparative Literature
  32. Scott Francis, Romance Languages, Comparative Literature
  33. Kevin M. F. Platt, Russian and East European Studies, Comparative Literature
  34. Anne Norton, Political Science, Comparative Literature
  35. Liliane Weissberg, German and Comparative Literature
  36. Ericka Beckman, Romance Languages, Comparative Literature
  37. David Wallace, English, Italian Studies, Comparative Literature, GSWS
  38. Siyen Fei, History
  39. MIchael G. Hanchard, Africana Studies
  40. Sophia Rosenfeld, History
  41. Jonathan D. Katz,  GSWS, Art History
  42. Kathleen Brown, History, GSWS
  43. Ezekiel Dixon-Román, SP2
  44. Sharon Hayes, Fine Arts, Weitzman Design
  45. Emily Steinlight, English
  46. Toorjo Ghose, SP2 
  47. Sophie Hochhäusl, Architecture, GSWS
  48. André Dombrowski, ARTH
  49. Nancy J. Hirschmann, Political Science and GSWS
  50. Robert Vitalis, Political Science
  51. Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, History of Art, ASAM, LALS
  52. Gerald Campano, GSE
  53. Fernando Chang-Muy, Law and SP2
  54. Greg Urban, Anthropology
  55. Peter Holquist, History
  56. Kaja Silvermant, History of Art
  57. Ivan Drpić, History of Art
  58. Rita Barnard, English and Comparative Literature