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Men's lacrosse junior Sam Handley's favorite team tradition is the lacrosse run test because it's a moment of camaraderie.

Credit: Son Nguyen

The Daily Pennsylvanian asked midfielder Sam Handley of Penn men's lacrosse 15 questions about his time with the team, his experience at Penn, and his life overall. Here's what the junior had to say.

1. Can you introduce yourself?

I'm Sam Handley. I'm a junior and I'm originally from Portland, Ore. I'm in Wharton studying business analytics.

2. Which coast is better: West or East?

The West Coast.

3. Why choose Penn lacrosse over other top programs?

I found that the team culture combined with the amazing coaching staff, as well as Penn and Wharton as a whole, were some something that I couldn't imagine at any other place.

4. What is it like being able to practice with the team again?

It's like a breath of fresh air. It has been a tough journey to get to this point, but being able to go out and do what we all love each and every day is something that we all value.

5. Who's your biggest role model, both on and off the field?

Both are probably my younger brother. He has autism, and I just look to him as motivation each and every day and see how strong he is as someone who motivates me to always do my best.

6. What's your favorite Penn lacrosse moment?

I think my favorite Penn lacrosse moment was winning the [2019] Ivy League championship at Columbia after we beat Yale. Storming the field with the whole team was amazing.

7. You got to play the hero against Yale at Franklin Field your freshman year. What was that experience like?

All the credit goes to my teammates and coaches for allowing me to get into that position. Something a lot of people don't know is when I got dogpiled, my feet rolled up over me as everyone started tackling me.

It was only because our senior captain Simon Matthias kinda formed a bridge over me that I was able to get my legs back on the ground and not break my back. So I'd say nerve-wracking, but of course it was pretty special to beat Yale, especially at Franklin Field.

Credit: Son Nguyen After his save that led to a win over Yale freshman year, Sam Handley was dogpiled by the rest of his teammates.

8. You're going on a road trip with three of your teammates. Who are you picking and where are you going?

I think I'm bringing Kaleb Fernandez, Jack Joyce, and Theo Lenz, and we're going down to the Florida Keys.

9.  What's your favorite place to get food on campus?

Probably the Mexican food truck called Tacos Don Memo, that's my favorite.

10. What's your favorite Penn lacrosse team tradition?

I think it's probably our run test, just because we're all suffering together. It's a big team camaraderie moment.

11. What's your go-to late-night snack?

An egg, bacon, ham, and cheese sandwich.

12. Did you pick up any new hobbies or activities over quarantine?

I definitely got into golf way more.

13. What are your biggest personal and team goals for when you return to competition?

In terms of this season, it's just to win as many games as possible. There won't be any accolades, so anything I can do to help the team win is my personal goal.

For next year, it's to get back to the same point we were my freshman year, which is Ivy League regular season and tournament champions. For me, I would love to win all the same awards I did my freshman year, and maybe Ivy League Player of the Year.

14. If you could have any job after Penn, what would it be?

I would love to own the Portland Trail Blazers.

15. What advice do you have for younger athletes looking to make it to where you are today?

I would say you gotta love what you do. If you love what you do, then hard work is easy. And just be as coachable as possible, that's all I got.