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Beginning as a multi-sport athlete in his youth, Eddie Scott quickly fell in love with basketball and "the rest is history."

Credit: Son Nguyen

The Daily Pennsylvanian asked Penn men's basketball's Eddie Scott 15 questions about his sport, his time at Penn, and his life overall. Here's what the senior had to say.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am from Prince George's County Maryland, right outside of DC. I went to school in DC my whole life. I am a student-athlete and I am graduating Penn this year with a degree in Communications. I am excited to graduate and I now have two more years to play college basketball with my eligibility. So, I will be going on to some university in the country to continue my athletics career.

2. What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

They would say: focused, chill, and that I am low-key high-key.

3. Do you have a specific role model?

I have a handful of role models. I have been blessed to have a few different mentors come into my life over the past handful of years, but first and foremost I look up to my parents, my mom and my dad. My dad is a soldier all-around, and my mom is super loving and super caring. She is my No. 1 supporter. Outside of that, I look up to people like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and a lot of people who have a similar type of game as me in the NBA. In general, I look up to people like Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone. 

4. What is your favorite part about playing for Penn men's basketball?

My favorite part is easily the people. My coaching staff, my teammates, my senior friends, and the people in the program like the strength and conditioning coach, Coach Brindle, Coach Dowling, and all the people I have built really good relationships with. I am thankful to be their friends and have some of them mentor me. To all of my teammates I have played with, I love them, they are my brothers. I am excited for them next year to go get that ring.

5. Do you have a particular NBA team you pull for?

I go for the Washington Wizards. That is the team I root for, but my favorite team to watch this past season was the Clippers because Paul George and Kawhi were on the team, and those are my favorite players.

6. Do you have a favorite post-game meal?

My favorite post-game meal is fettuccine pasta alfredo.

7. If you could put yourself in someone else’s shoes, who would you pick? Why?

I would not put myself in anybody else's shoes.

8. What got you into playing basketball?

Basketball really just became a passion for me. It was not like I had a relative who was super close to me that played professionally. I do have an uncle that played in the league for a little bit, but mainly when I was young my folks put me in a few different sports like football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. Basketball is what I fell in love with, and from there I just kept on playing and found a passion for it and the rest is history. 

9. What would you say is your least useful talent?

My least useful talent is that I am low-key OCD. I am really good at cleaning and keeping stuff organized, depending on the case it can be beneficial, but sometimes I find myself avoiding tasks that I should be doing and just cleaning my room.

10. How would you describe your Penn experience thus far?

My Penn experience has been a blessing to me with all the people I have been able to meet and the memories I have with my team and teammates and then just other people from around the school community. Overall, I am very thankful for it, and it has helped me become who I am today to a huge degree with independence, networking skills, and just being more successful on my own.

11. What about your identity do you think has been strengthened at Penn?

Easy question, I have really been able to embody who I am today. I am an athlete, a great basketball player, but also someone who is really business-savvy. I have learned that I am not as much the employee type as opposed to the entrepreneurial type. I like being able to be in control of my returns, whether it is financial or other benefits as far as the effort that I put in.

It has helped me realize that I am a great basketball player and I am also an entrepreneur. I have been working the past couple years to help students from around the country learn more about investing, digital currencies, and foreign exchange. It is something I am very passionate about doing. I have helped over 150 18 to 25-year-olds from around the country.

12. What is your best relief of stress?

Eating good food and hanging out with my boys.

13. If you were a candle, what scent would you be?

I really like candles; I would be lavender.

14. Do you have a hype song?

My hype song would be “That’s It” by Future and Lil Uzi.

15. What is a piece of advice you would give to aspiring athletes?

A piece of advice I would generally give to aspiring athletes is to control what you can control and to protect your peace.